“medèn àgan” NOTHING BEYOND MEASURE by Alessandro Vantini
(Un)resolved by Raissa Frangie
A day at the Big Tree by Simon Roland
A Letter to Myself by Hua Geng
ABC // An American Rendez-Vous in Tel Aviv by Ben Segal
Achilles by Adam Morris
All through the hall by Falko Jakobs
Anywhere by Edoardo Ranaboldo
Are We Vampires? by Annalisa Giolo Dunker, Aygul Maktusova
As Possible As Everything by Selen Örcan
At Last… Lancelot Mingau
Back to You by Kyle Spicer
Because of You by David R. Kramer
BED NO. 12 by Arash Mansour Gorgani
Being Within by Jazeps Podnieks
Beyond The Woods by Kailani D’Amour
Bombs Away – The bombing of Schaffhausen by Tobias Hongler, Claudio Mühle
Bootleg by Francesco Ferraris
Bortier Okoe – Ga Mɛi by Bortier Okoe
Broken record by Marie SEURIN, Mathilde CADROT
Brothers in Iron by Enrique Vazquez
Burden by Stephan Brenninkmeijer
By the water by Elías Rosario
Caged Birds by Michelle Zhang
Can We Go Again? by Lourdes Francis
Catisfaction by Andre Marques Almeida
Chuppah Brenda by Mary Malley
Circles by Jacob Richardson
CRISPR by David Edwards
DejaVu by Alex Rios
Diversion (Politics of) by Simon Heymans
DO IT 4U – Dyan Tai (featuring AnSo) by Shaun Parker
Don’t Lose Your Face by Ezra Tsegaye
Dream by Brandon Washington
Dream Fridge by Achmad Subhi
EGO by Claudio Mühle
ESTRO by Daniel Tupinambá
Evenveil by Sam Balcomb
Every Day by Tara Alexandra Brown, Vin Chandra
FEAR by Walter Alonso Espinoza
First May
Fog Around August by Ryan Cairns
Fully Effaced by Sophie Artus
Golden Bird Flying Away by Qian Li
Gulabo Rani by Usman Mukhtar
Hamlet/Horatio by Paul Warner
Héliopolis by William Parent Senez
How to cope with Oliver Pope by Alex Di Cuffa
I’ll come home by Björn Rallare
In a Tamasic World by Camilla Martini
In Love We Trust by Bruno Taniguchi
In Your Dreams by Mike Krohn
Intimate Algorithm by Keviin
It’s Too Loud by David Tzach
JajangMyeon Thank You by Seong Hoon Shin, Young Hye Park
KATIE  by James Sharpe
Kindred by Jad Chatila
Kogershin by Malik Zenger
L I M B O by Christoffer Collina, Petri Erkkilä
labor market by HAO ZHE LYU
Laura by François Albaranes
Lollipop by WenWei Hu
Lucky by Baggio Jiang
Macau, In-Between by Sergio Basto Perez
Memoirs of Métiers by Krisztian Egry
Mercy Land by Simon Rickards
Mermaids and Pirates – Tamango by Marcello Maida, Luca Giraudo, Filippo Scimone, Simone Coppola
Mia Undone by William Stancik
MOSES by Eyal Segal
Mother of the Station by Kostoula Tomadaki
My dick & my bike by Edgar Allender
NAKAM by Andreas Kessler
Now, Daphne by Johann G. Louis
Oikia by Fabrizio Cassandro
Okay by Seif Sayed Abdel Raouf
Once upon a time in Brooklyn by Michele Petruzziello
Orange by Daniele Veroli
Orange by Vinicius Bellemo
Other Side of the Hole by Eiko Nijo
Our Journey by Pablo Mauricio Bustamante Salinas
OUT OF MIND by Nicolás Isasi
Perfect Storm by Morag Brownlie
Pink fireworks by Lee Zhongqin
Pole Dance by Mathieu Lee
Près de Moi by Alex Guéry
Project by Valentina Poster
Pulsion by Vincent Menjou-Cortes
Purché sia fuori dal mondo (As long as it is out of this world) by Alberto Girotto
Radio Europe by Maite Bengsch
Recalling by Meichen Jiang
RIND by Romy Matar
Rorschach by Steffi West Harshberger
Round Round Round by Nicolas Monfort
Savage by Eliza Sterling
Scegli Me by Fabrizio Fanelli
Science for Hire by Gary Null, Ph.D.
Season by Giovanna Lopalco
Senza Nome by Lorenzo Nuccio
She’s Mine Now by Dalton Okolo
SHOOOM’S ODYSSEY – vost eng by Julien Bisaro
Silver & Gold: Caper 3- The Brilliance Meijin Affair by Alonge Hawes
Siren Lullabies by Kristina Atovska
Sorin (Silent screams) by Fatih Yiğit
Sorry About Dreamland by Amir Sarkis
Space Woman (إمرأة فضاء) by Hadi Moussally
Spoon by Arthur Chays
Still Bleeding by Alessandro Vettori
Sur la Route by Zhengye Cheng
Ten Why’s by Juma Emedi
The 4th Saturday by Brent Taiaroa
The Ball by Jean-Baptiste Durand
The Business by Ryan Watt
The Deb by Soheil Afifeh
The INsiders by Marion Battaglia
The Last Hunt by Charalampos Giannakakis
The Lobster Whisperer by Colin MacKenzie
The Lucid – “Hair” by Hannah Fierman
The old time by Hanks Hans
The Place She Dwells: Trailer by Maurice Moore
The song of crazy Ralph by Alfonso Desentre
The Turn of the Screw by Chris Michael Fretwell
The Yesterday by Benita Vera von Sass
Timeless by Meng Ju
Today I wrote nothing by Keith Sargent
Tummyache by Sasha Dulerayn
UN’ ULTIMA VOLTA by Stefania Montesolaro
Unframed: Paul Klee, Hand puppets by Martin Charrière
Until the end of the night by Ugo Stach
Untitled (Sans Titre) by Clément de Dadelsen
Untold Pieces
Urban Constellation by Luis Galán
Viaggio in Ucraina by Vincenzo Frenda
Viscera: Autopsy of a (non)human body by Arturo Bandinelli
Vlada Goes to London by Arti Savchenko
Walking Around by Gilles Bovon
Wax and Wane by Beidi Wang
Well-dying by Junhyeok Kim
What money can’t buy by Carlo Novaga
When the saints come marching back by Gerardo Tassan
where my fingers end by Marco Mandelli
WISH U WERE HERE by Luis Villanueva
Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire by Jerry van de Beek, Betsy De Fries
Zaqqum, The Tree Of Hell by Hesam Sharifi
ZASADA by Michal Bolland



A Girl Called Johnnie by M B Sieve
A memory by Laura Placa
Anxious, Tired & A Little Depressed by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
As Scared As You by Jesse Dorian
Between Life and Death by Hans Sluijter
Devil’s Men by Dave Bresnahan
For The Freedom by Hans Sluijter
Lockdown by Gunnar Garrett
Love is the answer by Ivana Salvemini
Lover Haters Club by Christan van Slyke
No Address by Julia Verdin, James Papa
Old School
Perfect Intentions by Lisa Wassel
Photographs by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Please Stand By by David Michael Sutera
Saturday In The Park by Elliot Stanton
Scarlet by Govind Chandran, Kelsey Cooke
The Forgotten Blood Feud by Linda Fejzaj Jaupaj
The Gold Fish by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
THE IMPAIRER by Zsolt Pozsgai
The Other You by Mason Cooper
The Same River Twice by Pam Mandel, Amy Guth
The Widower by Lewis Harris
Untold Pieces by Alexandr Borecký
Van girl_s by Francesco Piotti
Way Back Home by Junze Guo