Monthly Official Selection


Some films among those we receive are selected to compete in our awards and they are posted on our facebook page.
Monthly Finalists


On the notification date, some of the selected films advance as finalists.
Monthly Nominees


Among the finalists, few of them are nominated for one or more of our 24 monthly awards.
Monthly Winners


Some of the nominees win one or more of our 24 monthly awards, thus qualifying for the annual award of the same category.
Annual Nominees


At the end of the year, among the 12 films that won a monthly award 6 are nominated for the annual award of that category.
Annual Winners


At the end of the cycle, every award is won by one film. Winner of the Best of Fest receives the deserved cash prize.
Hall of Fame


Films that get enough points enter our Hall of Fame. Forever.


Every month we give away $9056 in services from our partners to the nominated filmmakers and winners.


  • The Nominees for each category get a 3-month submission account with for a value of $117.
  • The Winner of each prize gets a certificate and a 12-month subscription worth $189.
  • The Winner of Best Original Score also gets a Filmstro Pro account worth $299
  • The Winner of Best of Fest gets the certificate, the 12-month subscription plus a 3-month Studiobinder software worth $297.


We award films in the following categories:

  • 🏆 Best of Fest
  • 🏆 Best Short Film
  • 🏆 Best Feature Film 
  • 🏆 Best Short Doc
  • 🏆 Best Feature Doc
  • 🏆 Best Animation Film
  • 🏆 Best VR/Experimental
  • 🏆 Best Music Video
  • 🏆 Best Web Series
  • 🏆 Best Short Screenplay
  • 🏆 Best Feature Screenplay
  • 🏆 Best Poster
  • 🏆 Best Trailer
  • 🥇 Best Director
  • 🥇 Best Screenwriter
  • 🥇 Best Cinematographer
  • 🥇 Best Editing
  • 🥇 Best Sound
  • 🥇 Best Original Score
  • 🥇 Best Costume Designer
  • 🥇 Best Leading Actress
  • 🥇 Best Leading Actor
  • 🥇 Best Supporting Actress
  • 🥇 Best Supporting Actor 

Every award is iMDb-qualifying and can be added to the iMDb profile of the director. It also qualifies for the annual award in the same category. Annual awards are given during the summer, every year in Rome. The annual Best of Fest, which is selected among the 12 monthly Best of Fest of the year, receives a cash award that grows with every submission.




Submissions are open.