We look for meaning, we look for unity, we look for balance

The Rome Independent Prisma Awards is the #1 most reviewed film festival in Europe among the nearly three thousand currently running on FilmFreeway. In a time where the conflict between quality and quantity is deeply reshaping also the filmmaking panorama, we monthly select and award independent movies from all around the world, of any nationality, genre and budget, proposing a competition and a film festival that showcases the most impressive  and meaningful  among them. 

The competition

Our contest starts from the monthly official selections and evolves into an articulated, year-long adventure that ends in the annual awards celebration. Here you can explore the archive of the Rome Independent Prisma Awards and discover the movies that made it to its final stages.

Hall of Fame

The authors that distinguished themselves over time for their work earned a proper place in our all-time leaderboard. Find out the artists and films that deserved a special spotlight in our films, filmmakers and screenwriters Hall of Fame.

Screenings and streaming

Until cinemas will be safe again, we’ll host our award ceremonies online. Our community on Twitch is growing. Every month we hold an online event where we announce the monthly winners and we present and screen the most interesting films among them. Join us for free from every part of the world!

Our Patreon Community

We are passionately convinced that beautiful things can only be made together, that’s why we opened a community on Patreon. Once you join the Prisma Authors Community you can meet filmmakers from every part of the world, submit your projects to our festival for free, vote every month for the Prisma Community Award and receive tips and tricks for your film’s realization and distribution.



Submissions are open.