3770 by Iris Ehrlich Tokouete
4.0 The last question by Juan Pablo Bornio
656 by Michael Leclere
A Little Help Goes A Long Way by Jisung Yoo
Alder by Levente Nagy Borús
Autumn by Chris Garcia
Bad News by Jingting Yang
Beneath a Mother’s Feet by Elias Suhail
Black Sugar Red Blood by Luigi Toscano
Blood is Thicker by Melissa Skirboll
Blue Music by Pietro Vedovato
Bunun adı Şam by Emir Yener
Cause and Effect; by Thomas McNicholas
Chaos is King by Eduardo Stachow Figueiredo
Dante by Jamie Lee
Daughters of Maguey by Francisca Siza
Disincanto by Angelo Giordano
Dudunya, the Art and Many Hats of Vladimir Radunsky by Andrei Zagdansky
El Capitán Paco by Rodrigo Oliva
Escape Earth by Ronggang Yan
Fachamamma by Analia Fraser
Gem Mint by Joshua Collins
Gentle Breeze by Wenwei Hu
Grow Wild by Mingyue Pang
Guest by Ruven Wegner
Intervention by Andreas Ioannou Ioannou
Juze by Raquel Garcia
LAILA NADENE by Caroline Baggaley
LET ME GO by Martin Fjeld
Little Hearts Seeking Love by Lye
LUCY – A pioneer destiny by Roberto Pili
Lymph by Ashkan Zehtab
Mailbox by Sal Cirmi
Marie s’envole by Léa Sassi
Metropolis – A Day in Reef City by Luca Keller
Mira-Future by Martina Martinelli, Andrea Ventura
Misu Misu by Alana B Mediavilla
Morena Chiara – O Que é by Fulvio Davide Ricca
Naughties by Olivia D’Lima
No way around it by Elsa Pottier
OFF LINE by Wenbing Tian
“Ondjelua” – The Rain Festival by Eurico “Gigio” Pereira
PINKY SWEAR-Whatever She Wants by Tau Tau Menghan
Relic (Part 2) by Jack Hawes, Will Tiley, Idunn Marthinsen
Roswell Delirium by Richard Bakewell
SCISSORS by Tanweihua weihua Tan
Silenced by Mazigna BARROS, Leslie TOMPSON
SLAY by Fran St Clair
Spiritual Summer by Lodovico Zago
Study No. 294 by Robert Gordon Campbell
Supper by Andor Berényi
TA by Fiona LU
The 4 kings, the sanctuary in Halmahera sea by KARLOS SIMON
The Dreamers by Ruslan Saliev
The Katinas – Love God / Love People by Michael Everett
The Offer by Jiawen Sun
THE SEEKING by Leyi Jiang
The Smoke Extractor by Anne Milojević
The Town Clown by Brenda M. Malley
The Trap by Lena Headey
The Whistleblower by Qinwei Hu
THIRD DAY by Shinas Salavudee n
To The Moon by Richard E
U Scrusciu du Mari – Sound of the Sea by Riccardo Cannella
Ultimate Chabite by Julien Ivanowich
We Will Not Be Silenced by Luis Solarat
Welcome to reality or death in the aquarium by Siegfried Buschau



ADAPTED by Aslan Dalgic
Dark Days by Andrew J Parker
David Duke and the AAA by Xi Ren
Fathi’s passage by Antonio Messina
Hugo the Hug Bear by Christopher Herrera
Intrappolata in casa by Barbara Perisse Montilla
MY DEAR PRINCE by Gian Marco Russo
Reeds by Ion Mircea Plangu, Alexandru Mirel Tariuc
Snake Island by Michael J Dunker
The Shubert Orphans by Daniel Edwin Doble