“Voices” – Webseries by Mauricio J. Irigoyen
A Matter of Luck by Guy Shilo
A Special Breakfast by Savo Cubrilovic, Sarah Timm
Ana wants to be a great actress by Mauricio Battistuci
Arazul by Matteo Alemanno
Black Black Sheep by Liz Charky
Bride Token by Xiaoyan LI
Bound Leds by Karoly Palfai
Caruso by Fernando Corona
Come te by Simone Bianchi
Daily Bread by Damon Abwon Clindinin
Dandelion Season by Maryam Pirband
DEPARTURE by Julian Biba, Adriatik Berdaku
Desire in you by Vid Mercun
Detour by Péter Bence Ocsenás
Distance by Jung-Hsin Hu
Dream Soccer by Yang Xiao
Eden River by Jack Evans
Eden’s Empire by Joshua Trachtman
For the Greater Good by Michael Gavino
From here to There! by George Atkinson, Alan Ciechalski
Fughe e compromessi by Ari Takahashi
Hear My Voice by Daniele Guerra
Hearing The Truth by Qian Tang
Hell’s Jacket by Jorge Alberto Patiño Tejada
IL BERRETTO DI SQUILLE by Gaetano Cucciardi
In search of lost time by Marta Renzi
inCONTROtempo by Manuel Amicucci
Junk Shop by Lawrence McCudden
KATIE by James Sharpe
Lepas by Euen Ji Lee
Les Fourmis by Olivier Raffin
Malpelo: Mountain of Sharks by Kevin Mannens
Matches by Blake Vaz
Motherland by Denise Khng
Moussa on the roof by Iacopo Fulgi, Valerio Maggi
My Last Day On Earth by Leszek Cygan
NUDO by Gabriele Donati
OneDay by Jiaxuan Bai
PER UN’ORA D’AMORE by Andree Lucini
RATS IN THE HOUSE by Francesca Brice-Martin
Report of a dream by Lucas Neagu
Residence Book Mom by Fujie Huang
Rhythm of the Donkey by Caitlin Long
Superheroes by Rafael de Andrade
The Awakening by Andrew Abbiw
The Bulls by James Cawood
The Crazy Spring by YanJun Li
The Encounter by Muzi He
The Hummingbird by Nicolas Pouilley, Sébastien Chambard
The Longobard Warrior by Simone Vrech
The Murder of Olof Palme by Joaquim Weibull, Paco Garcia
The Old Man by Elena Rožukaitė
The Path To Judah by Martin Michiels
The Thursday Night Club by Valerie Smaldone
The Way Home by Darius Stevens Wilhere
Underwater by Nicolas Seguel
VLMV – There Are Mountains Underneath Us by Gabriel Stanger
Walking in the Path of Nature Man by Nolan Schmidt
With Joyful Ring by Gary Karapetyan
Wu Way Day by Kire Tosevski



A Summer Surprise by JK Jones
Backseat by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Bye Day by Lexis Hooton
Deadline To Death by Elliot Stanton
Dive Into The Blue by Ge Gao
DR. JANE by Chase Michael Smell
Elvis of the Yukon by PAM MANDEL
Jasperwood by Brittany Marasciulo-Rivera
Laurel Junkie by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Living Wild – Alaska by Dorene Michele Lorenz
Liza Rose by Kevin Joseph Silva
Prodigium by Vincenzo Pandolfi, Filippo Santaniello
REDSTONE by Anthony Leon Watson
Shooting at Ballerinas by Hank Isaac
Su Pissiafoi by Luca Lobina
Swirl City by Larry E Coleman
Swords & Feathers by Harold L. Brown
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Steven Howard
Their Neighborhood by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Touch of Fear by Marc Castaldo
WANDER – WEB Series by Hank Isaac