MAY 2023




42% Vol by Qing Li
A Cognac at the Indy 500 by Alex Helmer
A few strands of hair by Shahin Jabbarzadeh
A Scene to Remember by Zhenyu Li
All is well by Karolina Ford, Mirosław Kłopotowski
Anchor by Simone Oneto
Back Seat by Maya Chodus
Beam Me Up by Daniel Weaver
Being an Islander by Dimitrios Bouras
Birthday by Zihong Ye
Calabria and Magic by Christian Canderan
Canis Familiaris by Joris Goulenok
Central by Michał Biliński
ChatMrE by Kin Shing Kwok, Ka Lee Cheuk
Cover by Ehsan Majouni
Dark Feathers by Crystal J. Huang, Nicholas Ryan
Dear Dr. Bergman by Gloria Trinidad Deocón
Dis-connected by Diego Lucio Fiorani
DoubleDown by Emir Yener
Duty Free by Zhuoxuan Liu
Flight animal by Mikael Palm
Forsaken Past by JW Richardson
From the Bush to the Plate by Barbara dumigan-jackson, Lyndon Suntjens, Raoul Bhatt
Granny’s Sexual Life by Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard
Hall 4 by Pauline Moreau
I was waiting for you by Giovanni Suriano
Insufficient-sense by Lichen Chen
Islands by Paolo La Naia
Jiangzhong Hougu by Qing Li
KACPER by Malte Sobecki
Kallithea Springs Of Rhodes by Stamatis Liontos
LAST VICTIM by Daniele Favilli
Lentil Soup by Var Sahakyan
Little Black Dog by Cem Deniz Karakoçoğlu
Live by Thierry Vergnes
Love’s Got Me Blind by Cecilia Saraiva
Lullaby by Noah Kinsey
MAIKEN by Howard Perry
Membran by Pascal Rosengardt
Mille by Arnaud de Grandry, Cédric Fleury
Move In, Move Out, Move On by Elson CHAN Tsz Yan
My First Spring by Lucas Pimenta
Neermukile – Essence, Nature, Universe by Unnee Udayakumar
Physis by Walter Rastelli
Pit Stop by Blake Skuse
Promedipus Flower by Jiayang Zhou
Prosperity is Circular by Sasha Profatilov
Psychokillers by Fabiano Famoe Montesano
Rabbit on the Moon by Lezhi Yu
Requiem by Deadbeat Animation
RESTLESS by Dhun Sharma
Resurrection under the Ocean by Serkan Aktaş
REVERB by Minkyu Kang
Robocity – The hidden city by Anatoly Borodich
SAINTED SINNERS – Against The Odds by Frank Kollbi
Shadow Puppets by Penn Pauletich
Shumisen town by 直隆 遠藤
Startup:Palmieri Tech by Morgan Dukes
Steps by Mimi Garrard
Storm in the Seed by Zijing Chen
The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits by ahLoong
The Ankou, the Child and the Bandits by SIMON VAUTIER
The Dread by Jaren Lewis
The Legend of Qualicum Bay by Jim Robert Garrison
The Librarian by Serkan Aktaş
The Mum in Me by Hilde Merete Haug
The South by Giuseppe Marco Albano
The Stranger by Domen Puš
The Tree House by Flávio Ermírio de Moraes
The Visit by Jake Murray
THERE WILL BE A TIME by Paolo Geremei
Tiki Taane in session with CSO by Tiki Taane
TRACE Tracing Rare African Canadian Extraordinaire by Sonia Oduwa Aimiumu
TRANSFORMATION by Nancy Hamilton
Two worlds by Nithya Gopalakrishnan
UNEASE by Angelo Donzella
Us to Stop – Studio Version by Sagiv Avramov, Yair Mazar
VESPA (by Pesto) by Pawel Stokajlo, Piotr Smolenski
We Break Up because of Family Reasons by Jhansi Official
We’re Not at Home by Christian Pezzolato, Matteo Raffaelli
What Humans Leave Behind by Miroslav Zhelyazkov Trifonov
What if Schools Taught Us to Love by Yannick Borit
Why On Earth by Katie Cleary
Will You Look At Me by Shuli Huang
Xu Aihua: A story of a Zhejiang Entrepreneur by Qing Li
Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir [ One Planet; One Family ] by Venkata Krishna Roghanth
ZAUBERWEGE – On the path to music by Francesca Canali



Dispatch Me Home by Joey Kent, Greg Martin
Dita a colori by Kevin Vescera
Holy Rollers by Katee Cook Forbis
Imaginary enemy by Davide Mazza
METEOR by Line Rainville, Franco Pirrone
Plastic Madonna/Madonna di Plastica by Elina Eihmane
Seekers by Christopher Frost
Study Abroad by Nick Grimes
THE 89TH TEMPLE by Charlie Canning
The Returned by Ben Andrew Pfeiffer
The Void by David Canetti
YUNG by Johan Perruchoud