MAY 2022




10 Rounds by Jean-Christophe Gonon
A Feast That Never Comes by Maria Juranic
A Stone Cannot Fly by Pelle Gøtze Johansson
A Week To Rosh Hashanah by Anastasia Itkina
About Fulvio by Vittoria Becchetti
And the Rest You Already Know by Ruta Stalmokaite
Angelo Di Mino & The Hysterical Sublime – The~Ship by Mirko Bonanno
Are you feel better by Agree Ye
Beneath The Ash by Amir Saleh
Between Here and Gone by Sadie Duarte
Bittersweet Luck by Bálint Szekeres
Breakdance in Iran by Reza John Vedadi
Cold Blood by Navn Michael Diem
Dafne Is Gone by Julie Gun
Delilah by Nika Agiashvili
Dissociation by Liron Rachel Erez
Eddie. by Dylan Grey Martin
Fankaar by Daniyal Yousaf
Finding Hope Home by Cole Lewis, Wambui Ndegwa
Free Pass by Joseph Lao
Good Luck! by Geno Brooks
Gum Cigarette by Angelika Katsa
How to disappear completely by Toni Cazzato
Huldúfolk, The Hidden People by Marta Paolantonio and Massimo Battistella
I Hear the Trees Whispering by József Gallai
I wanted to be a butterfly by Raquel Rose Potenza
Igor Evard – Amistad by Igor Evard
Inexistentia by Salvatore Vitiello
Jack of None – Dios por Santo by Maxine Syjuco
Jam It by John Dawson
Kara Sevda by Sinan Çevik
Larvae by Alessandro Rota
Liss Da Silva – Mambo by Luis Castro and Yosu Menacho
Lucky by Ze Yin
Machines by Cristian Ciumac
Memories of Another by Victor Blaho
My Cat Lucy by Kate Vaillant
No Good Deed by Sotiris Demba
Oasis by Sebastián Chicchón
Oh, Little Spark! by Charlie Lyon Budden
On The Eighth Day by Han Wu
Overpass by Hossein Shahbazi
Piqued Jacks – Particles by Paolo Sodi
Poisson by Annalisa Ciaramella
Presence by Yun Lee
Punchiri by Amal Surendran
Put It Back by Diane Catsburrow Linnet
Roached by Kshitij Sharma
Shark Beat by Chelsea Alexandra Schrett
Sotto corte marziale by Riccardo Marendino
Spotlight by Emre Çetin Akçay
Sundown Polaroid by Mazatl Aguilar and TJ Cousler
The Anarchist’s Dream by Yolanda Torres
The Banana Tree by Ruth Vassallo
The Blue Pleated Skirt by Li Jie
The Dalmatians – Far Away Man by William Bryant Allen
The Domestic by Brad Katzen
The Linda Eldridge Program by Snaff Zubberano
The Monk by Mohit Manan
The Noise by Matthew U Agustin
The Other Woman by Charli Masson
The True Story of Amerigo Bertolazzi by Giacomo Beschi
Tips by Maren Eline Markussen
Tutopique #Company by Maurice Huvelin
Two Alone by Hikari Hiyane
Uncut by Mark Hensley
Walking On Clouds by Renan Kamizi
Wall of Air by 耀 于
You’re Early by Mark Hensley



Again, Mama by Geqi Li 
Amp Studios by Christan van Slyke, Laura Poindexter
Awful Exes by Victor C Dean 
Dimensions A Breath Away by Melissa L. Aspeitia 
Glass Eyes and a Smile by Josh Marion 
Halverson and Halverson by Karla S Bryant 
Lovely Big Buffalo by Tiffani Davis, Michelangelo Missoni
Max by Natalie Gomez 
Promises by John Molinaro 
Real Lion by Zhang Hai, Chen Muxue, Pavel Kravchenko
Rep Me! by Isaac Ballesteros Barba 
The Fox by Marc Castaldo
The Golden Boy by Isaac Ballesteros Barba 
The Kind That Kills by Sebastien Basset
The Love meeting – TV pilot by Pascal Adam, Rachel Soland
Valence by Michael Jay Iannacone, Benjamin Jacob Ginther