MARCH 2023


“2020: A Pandemic Odyssey” by Roger F. Copeland
23 (Official Music Video) by Dean Pilling
A Gaze’s Settling by Giovanni Pagotto
Adaptive Relationships by IVAN ARTEMOV
After All by David Roger Juan
ALICE by Brendan Dacey
AND THERE’S SOMEONE by Stefano Giannotti
At 23000 Feet by Kovid Mittal
Be My Wife by Teo Blake Beauchamp
Blue Baby by Markus Gjengaar
Broken Mirror by Ashwin Vijay Agrawal
Ctrl+Z by Giulia Olivieri
Deprecable Me by Andrea D’Agostino
Desire and Punishment by Maya Rivera
Dinner with Robbe-Grillet in Naples by Daniel Rothbart
Douglas Joyman – Barbarella by Giovanna Gorassini
Finding Paradise by Deva Acharya
Goad : The Rise by Triple U
GOOD GUY WITH A GUN by John Mossman
Green by Qing Gan
Heavy Eyes by Leonardo Graziosi
Hidi Sleeps in the Bathtub by Caroline Andréason
Hurt (Season 2) by Mohammad Okeyedi, Sean DiGiorgio, Lucas Sanchez, Lani Boschulte, Akim Kerimov, Sonia Forcada
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain by Far From Your Sun
I Promised You Rapture by Denis Mityushev
JE VEUX by Aiolia-Logan Dechessy
Kombucha Cure by Dr. Cecilia Choi
Kung Fu City by Gary Hung
Last Casting Call by Xian Cao
Leave me love by Giorgia Carpani
LEYL by Tolga Tatli
Look Around by Ulisses Malta Junior, Gustavo Azevedo Santos
Loose Ties – Superhuman by Achilles Tsoutsis
Lost Cos by Robin de Levita
MEMORY by Tina-Maria Feyrer
More Than Brave by Marc Vilalta Prats
Mr. Crazy by Filippo Cristiano
NAMELESS by Gisella Gobbi
No one by Sam Shaahin Razm Doost
NO REST by Nathan Bres
Nocturnal Burger by Reema Maya
NOZI by Leclere Serumula
Oltre l’amore “beyond the love” by Antonio Centomani
OVERDUE by Melissa Skirboll
Paper Dream by Ali Atshani
Peekaboo by Qing Gan
Reflecting reality by Maksim Molochko
Remembering Nearfield by Sean Alexander Carney
Robert Mutt by Fiorenzo Brancaccio
Seatbelts by Michael John Dunker
Sete – Silent Short FIlm by Mandeep Singh
Seven Flavours by Gairah Praskovia
SISTER SOUL by Aiolia-Logan Dechessy
The 13th hour by Xavier Tesson
The American Good Samaritans by Ara Mnatsakanyan
The Antonine Wall: A 37-Mile Landmark by Liam Anderstrem
The Astral Woods Official Trailer by Isaac Rodriguez
The Crowd by Tony G
The Dead Man by the Tree by Magnus Møller Bakke
THE DESERT THAT WAS NOT by Pablo Enrique Kühnert
The Female General`s Moustache by Disheng Zhang
The Godfather Buck by Thomas J. Churchill
The Group (Balagam) by Venu Yeldandi
The Harvest by Matthew Caltabiano
The Hawthorne Bounty by Rick Shepherd, Jarred Harper, Benjamin Steeper
The Interview/The Inquest by Angeline Walsh
The Madman by Kalle Saarinen
The Patriot by 熙来 陈
The Popes by Michela Menichelli, Diederik Pierani
The world of Withoos by Hans Withoos, Inge Theunissen
Through life and death by Qing Chang
TIDES – MAREE by Alessandro Negrini
Tomica e le vie segrete della Sibilla by Andrea Frenguelli
Totemo – My Gravity (Official Music Video) by Young-Wook Paik
Tripsitter by Ben Dubov
Unhusk by Jue Wang
Velvet Boy off the Grid by Biró Ferenc
Wait for Me by Gordon Delacroix
You Are My God Thing by Vic Quinton, Cynthia Garcia
You, protagonist by Zibo Fan



7 Days by Liang Guo
Adam & Eve by Filippo Lusiani
Belinda & the Great Storm by Angeline Walsh
Cold Summer by Christian Pendered Zur
Convergence by Tullio Imperatore
FULL CIRCLE by Karla S. Bryant
Hearts in a Sling by Stephanie Gould
Partenope by Giuseppe Tecce
Partners by Nicholas Ryon Joseph, Jerry Ferrell
Pictures of Us by Brian Lutes
Roulette by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Sweet Child Of Mine by Sarah Loraine Deitrich
The Homeless People In Los Angeles by Ricardo Romeo Pierre Vila