MARCH 2022




2 Thirds of a Man by Earl Shaun Kopeledi
A Cry In The Dark by Rhabi Rites
A little Someone by Ramya Ankilla
aLONE by David Lopez Ramirez
Ancestral Land by Gabriel Bissonnette
Bahur by Şahin Yiğit
Back to the Dust by HOU Siqi
Birthday by Qiyun Zheng
Bomba Estéreo – Tamborero by Simón Mejía and Santiago Castaño
By Nightfall by Giulio Maria Cavallini
Dennyiah – Recall by Erik Jasaň
Do you remember me? by Désirée Pomper and Helena Müller
Drama. by Julian Pixel Schmiederer
Eight Colours a Week by Aaron Stevenson
Elementary Brilliance Chapter 2 by Leo Wong
Empath by Franziska Ida Müller
Endless by Zenglin
For Your Own Goo by Silvia Chen
Geography of the Heart by Alexandra Billington
Getting him Back by Bico LaFrey
Hairy by Maximillian Aguiar
Her Place by Matt Guajardo Kelsey
High Society by Niamh Magee
Hydra by Olivier Ross-Parent
I am Bernabe by Humberto Espinal Rivera
I said I had a dream by Junhyeok JI
If I were a man by Rocco Anelli
In Halves by Tim Williams
In the Name of Tomorrow by Celine Abyad Beader
Keeping Christmas by Rick Van Velsor
Lazare by Güldem Durmaz
Leigh by Ryan Gaskett
Le Rendez-Vous des Arts by Walter Rastelli
Light of darkness by Maria Wróż-Prusiewicz
Logout of IT by Aleksandr Paramonov
Looking for Charlie: Life and Death in the Silent Era by Darren R. Reid, Brett Sanders
Mad Sneaks – Quarter Life by Agno Dissan and Ramon Faria
Maná & Christian Nodal – Te Lloré Un Río by Antonio Roma
Morgana by Ginevra Gatti
Nous les braves by Léonard Calmet
Prof. by Logan Alexander Mitev
Pulse by Saurabh Arora
Repeated Times by Rohat Merwan
Resina – A Crooked God by Tamas Levardi
Resurfacing by Jan Fabris
Shi Yuan by Xuejie Shao
Spring Tree by Shichao Tang
Sweat by David Allain
Tainted Memories by Emily Larkin
Taqi by Aleen Shoufani
Teem Khan by Sarab Sahni
Terrona Publisher by Antonio Esposito
The Case by Maurizio Forestieri
The Crossin by Tomas Simonsen
The Deepest Love by Ming Dao Han
The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland by Joe Benedetto and Alison Stover
The Guppy’s Death by Yi Han
The little Prodigy by Xavier Diskeuve
The Savior of Coney Island by Gary Beeber
The Secret of Mr. Nostoc by Patrice Seiler and Maxime Marion
The Sickness Of Perfection by Andile Pelelani
The Unveiled Truth by Eve Jablonkay, Alexandra Newe
The Wicked by Ao Jing Huang
The Wild One by Nathan Colquhoun
To Mother by Davide Salucci
Trajectory by Defeng Yuan
Tres by Carlo Alvarez
Vaky and Visy: New Dimension by Majid Farhangdoost
You by Nicole Eckenroad



A Few Last Words from Across the Room by Aggi Dilimanto 
Anemnesis by Michelle Desiree’ Lewis 
Bullet Locomotive by Zachary Sabra 
Children of the night by Dave Crennell, Raymond Biddle
Constant by Dorian Iribe 
Duet by Tammany Barton 
Faux Pedro by David Juarez 
I’ll be there by Kevin Vescera 
Like Someone in Love (working title) by Alexandra Billington 
Mio padre – My father  by Yuri Casagrande Conti 
Necrophiliac  by Olivia Loccisano 
One of Us (Red-Handed Screenplay) by Alan David Pritchard
The Fighting First by Alex Peter Stephens 
Tina by Sheri Davenport