JUNE 2022




100 Cans by Mazen Al Khayrat
30 Years of Decadence: The Defeat of Falun Gong and the Undercurrents of the Remaining Forces by Tony Robert
7 7 by Johnny Kalangis
Alessandro D’Alessandro feat. Elio & David Riondino – Tiritera Delle Canzoni Che Volano by Gianluca Abbate and Alessandro D’Alessandro
Aller Simple by Jan Amor and Jeanne Lorne
Archie Brown – Reality by Tom Fuller
Bella Ciao, Song of Rebellion by Andrea Karena Vogt
Beneath The Ash by Amir Saleh
Besties by Ada Napiorkowski and Kaido Strange
Bloody Tradition: Agree to Disagree by Jitse de Graaf and Martijn Kramer
Blu come i tuoi occhi by Eric Veneziano
Bolero Station by Rolf Brönnimann
Buffalo by the Sea by Kaichen Cai
Cycle Of Violence: ERIK by Austin Koncerak and Chris Herrera
En attendant X by Yi Gou
Exhausted by Chenguang Xie
Fading Away by Tian Lan
Feelings by Giosuè Francesco Basileo
Finding Hope Home by Cole Lewis and Wambui Ndegwa
Fright Shift by Tim Dane Reid
Girls! GO! by Xiaolan Xu
Guan C·X8129 by Yizhi Lin
Happy Independence Day by Ville Ilmari Seppänen
Hole by Siligeng
Homo Ignarus by Joshua Scattergood
Life Agreement by Lu Li
Lizzy’s Plan: 3 Peas in a Podcast by Jeremy Mowery
Mark Pendzich & Danny Merz – Be strong! by Christian Kalnbach
Minutiae: The Details Of Life by Tiemo Weidemann
Monster Heart by Priyanga Burford
My Right to Sex by Angela Tullio Cataldo
Napoleon by Holly Joyce
Neontenic – 6000 Levels by Simone Grazzi
Of the Waiting by Adriano Vessichelli
Off Guard by Emile Rizk
Palindrome – First Time by Fabio Giavara and Samir Fennane
Paper Man by Motae Ki
Pay It by Yifeng Florian Ling
Portrait of a Woman in a Landscape by Andrea Laquidara
Ripple in the Mirror by Oren Kaya Dayan
Rudolf Duala Manga Bell: A German Story by Henrik Langsdorf
Saint-Désir l’Exil by Natacha Nisic
Sayang by Sophia Santos, Ethan Chouinard, Gabrielle Edmiston, Yeh-Ming Bobby Chen, Teresa Furtado, Eleanor Kawasaki, Daniel Vargas, Kevin Rojo Mercado and Xin Yue Guan
Sect by Chandler Balli
Somnus by Owen David Solomon
South Bridge by Darko Silajdzic
The Blank Page by Leandro Javier Sosa
The Boots Unworn by Anna Kishko
The Boy by Jonathan Gibney
The Chambers: In God We Trust by Sura Khan
The Duo – What is Love? by Ari Takahashi
The Exorcism of Water by Giuseppe Rossi
The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive by Salvatore V. Zannino
The Madness Store by Alex Guéry
The Sins of Adam by Fabian Soare
The Story of Mama Butterfly by Yuqian Cao
Thirai Virutham by Sugumar Shanmugam
This Is Not a Coming Out Story by Mark Felix Ebreo
Time is Time by Xiangjing Li
Tunnel Vision by Lara Marlies Rabitsch
Void by Vaibhav Gattani
We Are by Gregory Sankara
When Time Got Louder by Connie Cocchia
Wilde Zeiten: No mask no party by Patrick Protz and Dennis Groß
Witness by Ali Asgari



A Night In by Eduardo Olmos, Connor Tyler Gray
Blood and Salt by Justin Moodie
Fifteen Times a Killer by Steve Crawshaw
Hello Cello by Felicity Bolitho
Hidden/Nascosta by Danielle Oke
High Surge by Rick Shepher
La Giostra by Eleonora Puglia
Maladjusted by Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Morti Viventi by Paolo Marzocchi, Lorenzo Carapezzi
Muted by Jessica Qinyue Luo
Roadside by Alessandro Russo
The Cavaliere by Matthew Habibeh
The Comedian by Matthew C. Clark
The Director by Alexander Santorineos
The Gold, Fish by Renato Cacace
The Ideal Traits of a Hunting Dog by Loren A. Armstrong
The Missionary by Jason Wayne Watson
The Silent Act by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
This Is Love by Justin Jerreau
Weight by Anna Primiani
Whiskey and Sunglasses by Giovanni Marco Russo