JULY 2022



“TWO CHAIRS” by Enni Eastman
“Una Risata ci Salverà” – A laugh will save us by Michelangelo Gregori
03:47 by Ester Tessuti
A Place That Time Forgot by Natali Khalili Tari
A SALVO by Ernesto Cruz-Barriga
A SEED OF HOPE by Travis Matsumoto
A tree once grew here by Johnnie Semerad
A Work Of Heart by Sager L’Khrebani Al Nuaimi
ABOUT DEATH by Jiaqi Liu
Adeus by Rachael Omane, Amanda Tyler
Alle cinque su Marte by Marvin Miller
Aquadalesia by James Greenwood
Asynchronous by Haomin Zhu
Auteur by Jisan Haque
BAASAN the vessel by Jitank Singh Gurjar
Backstage by Kevin Austra
Bench Seat (Official Music Video) by Kaiser Phillip Cunningham III
Big Noise by Andrea Antonio Vico
Blub Blub by Eddie Yukun Long
BREAKOUT by Brandon Slagle
Breathe by Tommy Harvey
Broken Soul – The New World by Lorenzo Verticelli
Caged by Charlie Ingram
Celestia by Manuel Barutta, Roberto Nicoletto
Celestia by Manuel Barutta, Roberto Nicoletto
Chroma Wheel by Zechen Li
Cremeschnitte by  Yan Jin
Death of Mandanin by Yucan Ye
Deep Clean by Tim Williams, Luke Morgan
Dogs on the street by Nicola Scognamillo
Eclipse by Artağan Pektaş
Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel by Alex Kruz
Fante di Coppe by Fabio Ravioli
Flower Thief by Sabrina La Macchia
Good Filipino Kids by Andrew Acedo
GOODNIGHT by Alessandro Piga
Habitat by Antonio Chiricò
Happy Like Joplin by Jean-Baptiste Mauduit, Laurence Clifford
I am Kanaka by Genevieve Sulway
I WAS THERE by Chi Jang Yin
Identified by Shawn Tang
In the Puddle by Joanna Lechowska
Internal Abyss by Heléna Antonio
Interview with a Woman by Issara Maneewat
Invisible beings by Alberto Pompei
It’s Not a Dream by Bofei Wan
Joan of Arc by Tim S Lott
Kamerad by Toby Kearton
LET HER SING by Siamak Dehghanpour
Lombard Woman by Simone Vrech, Sandra Lopez Cabrera
Master by Dastan Khalili
Maybe by Vicky Vatcher
Mind Over Murder (Le amiche) by Roberto Carli, Riccardo Ricci
MIRACLE BAND by Chunling Xu
Mobili by Gregorio Settimo
Mom told you so by Cécile Cournelle
Mr. Mimoto by Govind Chandran
Murmur by Zhuoheng Liu
Musher by Guillaume Moscovitz
My Car Goes by Mudassar khan
Neven by Adrián Adamec
PENELOPE’S STORY by Lisetty Sandoval
PEP-Scotland by Renford Reese
Phobos by Zafir Ahmed
Phoenix: David’s dream by Vinicius Donola, Roberta Salomone, João Rocha
Pieces of Mess by Yansheng ZHENG
Prey by Alps Lifee
RECALL by Erik Jasaň
Requiem for a Whale by Ido Weisman
Santa Fe by Loreto Marco Crisci
Stan’s Plan by Barry Nerling, Baille Reid
Taxi Ride by Kit Wilson
The Adventures of Infinita by Yu Shibuya
The Collection by Xinyu Gao
The Disappearance of Evelin Gale by Jan Fabris
The dive by Benjamin Mélot
The Egg by Zilan Lin, Qi Lu, Yan Xu
The Great Escape by Sandeep JL
THE JOHNNY & NICO SHOW by Brett Newton
The Land of Nowhere by Tenglin Peng
The Lost Poet by Fabio Del Greco
The Master by Lynn Liu
The PAntry by Ervis Zika
The Parable Of The Tenants by Andrew Pengilley
The Rocking Chair by Jeno Hodi
The Silent World of Barry Priori: Signing not waving by Anne TSOULIS
The To-DoN’T List by David J Porras
THYSIA by Timo Vogt
Tiger Mom by Wei Zhang
Tintown by Tiange Sun
Under the Knee by Bofei Wan
Unhusk by Jue Wang
Velocity Girl by R. Scott Leisk
Wa Isjod Wa Iqtareb (Prostrate and Draw Near) by Suraya AlShehry, Nabila Abuljadayel
Wake by Karl Livingstone
Walk by Dr. Nitin Kumar Gupta
WARY by Kai Stuart Wissler
Who Will Clean Your Windows? by Dariusz Janiczak
损失的故事 by 郑 奕宁


“Before & After”  By Madison by Janice L Walker
“THE ORDER OF THE KA”  by Wes Fisher
Asphyxiating Whispers by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Barth by Scott Marshall Taylor
Beyond The Curtain by Tom Sys
Cargo – Alpha Centauri by Line Rainville
Cold by Greg Poppa, Sugey Cruz
Fino a farci scomparire by Eugenia Martino
L+T by Nevena Nikolova
The eighth man by Giada Nacucchi, Silvio Alfonso Nacucchi
The Perfect Picture by Tungamirai Lerato Makubire
Unconscious by Francisco J Andujar