50 Hours Underwater by Shahrzad Mazloumsaki
A Dog’s Life by Philip Hampl
A Plus by Gong Cheng
Able to be saint by Romeo Pizzol
Another Route (Un Autre Chemin) by Kerbens Boisette
ARLO AND THE SEA by Damian Overton
Awaken by RJ Daniels
Barlume by Davide Orfeo
Beyond You by Federico Amicosante
Bitter Spirits by Paul William Brennan
Black, Queer & Done by Nyasha Daley
But I Want to Leave the Party by Gilles Plouffe
Date of Birth by Abel Guan
Diabolika by Dexter Wilson
Echoed – Orion: Tales after the end by Rafael Peppe, Alison Suero
Esther’s Tale by Simone Barletta
FÁR by Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter
Flaw by Urs_Unni
For an Evening by ARNAUD Dimitri
Go Back Home 返屋企 by Chung Dha Lam
Goose Mountain by Rui Hu
Grandma´s Eggs by Facundo Gómez
Grape by Angel Yan
Group by William R.A. Rush
Gulag Eros of the Russian Mind: Sex in the Soviet Union by Chad Gracia
H2O My love by Laëtitia MARTINONI
Hood Safari by Jake Moss
Invisible Friends (ENG sub) by Claudio Rolfi, Matteo Rolfi
Malarema by Giovanni Suriano
Me too by Rui Cao
MELODRAMA by Giuseppe De Vuono
MEMORIES SEAL by Sean, Zhichao Zhang
Misplaced by Amanda Whiteley
Mommy’s Big Girl by Stephen Dodd
Moxy The Band – You Feel It Too (Animated Music Video) by Evan Doll
My Carpathian Grandpa by Zaza Buadze
No Wall… by Steven Siegel
Nobody (Little Pig Demon) by Shui Yu, Liaoyu Chen
NOTE by Jean Carlos Gonzalez Flores
Omar Is Alive by Massimo Prezzavento
Only Stones by Gabriele Carrus
OUR GAME IS OVER – Odd Chap & Loredana Grimaudo + by Andrea Carrara
Overclocking by Alexander Vikulov
Plum blossoms have fallen all over the South Mountain by Shu Su
Polyrhythmic by Ameen Mokdad
Re-encounter by Xiaochu Dai
RESET by Min Bae
Revenge of the Roman Sorceress by Nathaniel Jonathan Slater
RYTA RAY – FREQUENCY OF LOVE by Nikita Kvasnikov
Sandcastle – The Secret Life Of Potter Wasps by Roman Willi
Ship Down the Well by Xi Chen, Xiaolin Zhou, Liaoyu Chen
Shoes by Denise Rose
Silent Fallout by HIDEAKI ITO
Slough by Yuzhu Lan, Yutong Wang
Song of Goats by Andrzej Jakimowski
Statistical Probabilities by Ryan O’Leary
Still Yesterday by Giulio Maria Cavallini
Tenet of Loyalty: Mandala Drama by Linghao Wang
Tether by Gian Arre
The British Man by Paula Rivera
The Carrier by Andrei Turcan
The club by Raimondo Franzoni
The Deal – Orion: Tales after the end by Alison Suero, Chantal Joubert
The Getaway by George Apostolidis
The Kidnapping (Old Man Yang) by Yang Gu, Kuang Liu, Liaoyu Chen
The Last Dream by Davide Maria Marucci
The Memory Album by Cameron Ryan Soedi
The Mystery Man in the Dark by Martin Sommerdag
The Same View Wherever You Look by Carmen Bamba
Through The Gate by Ben Sibulkin
TITI – In cyclone’s wake by Natasha Blatsiou
TITS by Eivind Landsvik
U=Me by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
Unicorns & Rainbows by Eden Rize
UNNESTED by Sabrina Federhofer
Watch me on TV by Emeric Gallego
Won’t Be Around (Music Video) by Terry Blade
Your Voice by Do-Gyung Yoon



A FAITHFUL MAN by Daniele Balboni, Filippo Marchi
Blanket of Resilence by Tracey Parson
City of Birds by Alena Alova
Cookbook for Southern Housewives by Josie Hull
Deadly Shadows by Toneata Leona Martocchio
Isolation by Brian Whiteman
Le strade bianche by Michele Iovine
My Vision Board Bites by Mark Steensland
Pardon The Interruption by Olivia Lee
Second Chances by Alejandra Arce
Shattered Reflections by Tracey Parson
Survivor by Dion Marcos
The Birth of Gonzo aka The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved or A Start to the Fear and Loathing of a Lifelong Friendship by Ian Bensman
The Surface of the Deep by Tucker Andrew Teague
The Taxidermist by Onnoleigh Sweetman