A Brief History of Us by Etgar Keret
A Gunshot by Federico Gatti
Alarme: An addition to your auditory rolodex by Andrew M Mezvinsky and Giuseppe Onelia
Almost by Paul-André Robin
An Island Drifts by Vivian Ip
Anywhere But Here by Maitry Rao
Barkin’ Benny – 500 mph by Christoffer Collina and Ilona Salonen
Beatrice by Carlo Stanghellini
Becoming Unlimited by Lisa Doolittle
Before A Painting by Nathan Tosoni
Benji & Rita – Impetuous attraction by Rita Figueiredo
Blue Strawberry by Walter Guozheng Zou
Brain Teaser by Francesco Bambi
Breathe In Breathe Out by Angela Weronika Walijewska
Destination Fucked by Carlo Bianchi
Dog’s Field by Michalina Musialik
Dreaming An Island by Andrea Pellerani
Echoes by Anthony Kalmeta
Eva Ray by Ross Casswell
First Fish In Space – Halfway To the Stars by Christoph Salzmann
Ground Control by Helmut Karner
His Name is Chen Chunsheng by Yu Yin
I am Hydra by Thale Blix Fastvold
Imaginary’s Eyes by Stéphane Parientitho
In A Sentimental Mood by Zachary Cunningham
In Sausage Row by Gabriella Bácskai
In The Shadow by Clark Lee
Ivan Granatino – My LIar by Bruno Cirillo
Kala by Carlo Falconetti
Karma Bums by Keon Hedayati
Langobardi: Alboino e Romans by Simone Vrech
Love in ze phone by Jolivet Quentin
Made in Italy by Gabriele Lupo
Marina by Sandy Juanda
Married to Math by Nina Zaretskaya
Max & the Showgirl by Hugh Blanc
MC Martian – Metamorphosis by Daniel Greenway
Memoirs from Sokobanja by Dusan Popovic
Mercury Fell Here by Celina Skailand and Jean Beaulee
Middle Ground by Iftach Ofir
Mikaela Seegers & Kola – Inside Out by Karan Wadhwa
Misophonia by Angel Alvarez
Mr. Earth by Scott Lambson
My Heart by Tamara André, Tania Mariama and Angela Morant
Nam by Niccolò Corti
Nirvana by Luna Sue Huang
No More by Fabricio Estevam
Not On This Night by Bill Humphreys
OC From NC and Jooselord – ’95 Goodie Mob by Ty Brueilly
On the Mountains by Andrea Sbarretti
Only Human by Katerina Giannakopoulou
Other Worlds by Ivan Maria Friedman
Phone Gal by Laura Lewis-Barr
Pico Reja by Remedios Malvárez Baez and Arturo Andújar Molinera
Please Do Not Parabolic by Perry Mark Stratychuk
Port by Remedios Malvárez
Proximity by Catherine Peinhardt
Rector by Lester Platt
Resurgo by Marc-Antoine Turcotte
Rhythm of Belongingness by Mustafa Karadag
Rizomas by Carolina Montejo
Sal by Paco Álvarez
Sawaari by Ashwin guru
Searching for Godot by Nick Maizlin
Sedalia by Dustin Gene Chitty
Sheila by Gabri Christa
Skylamp by Pavel Paul
Small Dreams by Mohamad Nemer
Tashi’s Sheep by Yin Yu
The American Benefactor by Tom Bentey
The Cafone by Tom Bentey
The Call by Ryan Jafri
The Dishwasher by Yuanhao Du
The First Bath by Carlos Puig Mundó
The Man and The Smoking King by Joshua Maslaki
Then, Again by Edward Laurence Thompson and Hannah Elizabeth Richardson
Tracks by Viktor Björnström and Kajsa Määttä
Umbra by Luca Pietro Beuthan
Unbron by Naz Salih
Unforgotten by Sujin Kim
We got to go!! by Xuhui Zhang
Why Won’t You Talk To Me? by Alessio Morreale
Will and The People – Money by Danny Baker
Wolvespirit – Change the World by Oliver Sommer
Yüksel Koptagel and Nazim Hikmet – Hiroshima II by Paolo Buatti



A Heist Film by Miroslav Stefanov, Emils Lisovskis, Ben-Shahan Marshall
Adulting by Michael John Dunker
Beyond The Lines by Rahul Chakraborty
Birthday Boy by Michael Jonathan Gellis
Biters and Bleeders by Charlie Carson Monroe
Glass Rekindlers by Yelitza Prada Breen
Hangman by Shlok Shukla
I hate you all! by Filippa Gracioppo
InnerVerse by Jay Stamatis
La Cosa Nera Che Vive Qui by Nicholas Di Valerio
Merry Little Christmas by Charli Masson
Mr. Jessica by Hoyt Hilsman
NUMBER 28 by Fred Perry
Paid in Blood by Trevor Loman
Reformation by Stephen Morgan-MacKay, Stefan Alexander Mannes
Rocker from heaven by Ruth Finnegan
Sandman by Jean Perez, Marissa Alejandre
Saving Hope by Laurie LaMonaco Green
Scroll Back by George Jay Stamatis
Taking Things Elsewhere by Jacob Vincent Robicheau
The Cold Agenda Pilot by Jay Stamatis
The Crossing by Fred Perry
The Elevator by Amy Monti
The girl whose face was replaced by a poem by Dezso Krisztics
The Loss of June by Raven Whisnant
The Past Is the Past by Joe Leone
The Requiem by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
The Truth Serum by Martin Zitter
Trump by Hoyt Hilsman
Untitled Rom Com by John McCloskey