(w)hole by Natasha Redmond
5.00 by Rafi Tannous
A Grain of Sand by Roland Földi
Behind the Scenes: the short film by Valentina El Harizi
BROKEN MIRROR by Ashwin Vijaykumar Agrawal
Burden of debt by Georgi Vasilev
Choc-Chips by Giuseppe Abba
CYA by Alice The G00n
De-risking Decoded by Pearl Forss
Deliverage by Sofia Giampieretti, Gaia Mastropietro, Giovanna Mastantuoni, Priscilla Lenoci, Rossella De Giosa
Deluge by Dana Marie Murphy
Elsewhere With The Tainted Veil by Min Thu Han
Enough by Sadie Rose
Expedition Amazonia / Matsés – The Jaguar People from Peru by Roberto Fischer
Family Ties by Shalom Korem
First & Last by DeAnda Mechelle Frost
From Dust To Light by Antonis Kartezos
God’s Plan by William Preising
Good Vibes by Janet De Nardis
Grief’s Embrace by Samuel Laubscher
GUILT by Alex Meridy
HER by Saiyue Zhuo
Him & Her by Simonee Chichester
Hole Punched Ear by Alan Yammin, Ben Tull
I wanna run by Geoffroy Virgery
In Waves by Shaohan Song
Interlude by Maximilian Nita
Invisible Lines by Yuval Shrem
Invisibles México by Rafael Franco Gomez
Leftover roast (“Domicile fixe”) by Xavier Diskeuve
Leviathan by Emilio Espino
Lucinda´s Pandora by Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez
M jako Máma by Nina Bhatt
Morning Jim by Jay Graham
Morto-Vivo by Sivanesan Ramdass
No More Gravity At Night by Jaron Wong
Nxdia – She Likes a Boy by Miroslav Kiss
Oblivion by Xu Hanqin
Operation Star by Vasileios Tsikaras
Paperman by Linhan Zhang
Pathways for Peace by JUANMA CASAS
Proof of love (prova d’amore) by Denis Nazzari
Seeking Thomas by Julia Lisa Zlotnick
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened by Nathan Bres
Shooting Your Own Shadow by Joseph J Parisi, Michael Amman
Song of the Conscripts by Chonglang Fan
Spy Capital: Vienna by Boris Volodarsky
The Big Man by Alan Liu
The Capsule by Kamil Keenan, Agnieszka Żaglewska
THE DRAFT by Jephté Bastien
The First by Tiago Iúri
The House That Stood by Antonella Spirito
The Last Butterfly by Sizhuo Li
The Mike Harrison Show by Massimo Max Franchini
The Night Friend by Damien Kazan
The Ones Who Didn’t Fly Away by Enriko Hamzaj
The Other Shape by Diego Felipe Guzmán
To be or to be by Leyla Begim
Underground by Abdulrahman Hassan Sandokji
Universe Zone by Alexander Sadreddini
We, The Damned (Visual Mood Reel) by Edward Thompson
What If by Yanghuixiao Gao



Angel by Jeff Kimball
Between notes and silences by Sebastian Alejandro Fernandez – Moris Rodriguez
Big City Nights: Cisero Murphy Saga by Tyriek A Murphy
Castle by Przemek Wojtach
Cup of tea by Chung Dha Lam
Doruntine by Carlo Massimo
IMMERSION by Dorian Robinson
In my father’s shadow by Lorenzo Carapezzi
Indefinite term by Livia Sisi, Andrea Cantafio
Keshkatha – The hair story by Gopal Seshadri, Gokul Seshadri
La valchiria by Matteo Slovacchia e Davide Mazza
Love & Detroit by Michael Dunker
Luca’s Childhood by Leonardo Pavone
Mermaid by Adam Hampton
NO MÁS by Gian Marco Russo, Epicuro Perrucci
Shorthand by Gareth Daley