121 by Matteo Mavero
A Cross In The Desert by Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic
A Tale of 2 Estates – The Prologue by Miroslav Kiss
After the Threshold by Tanni Chaudhuri
Amniotica by Enrico Lambiase
BIBA MAY “No More” by Arlinda Morina
Breathe by Lesley Pinder
Bring Back the Whistle Dog by Bob Simpson
BRUNO by Michael Dean Wilkins
Can’t Stop by Hongzhao Fan
CANCER/EVOLUTION Episode 1: The Dustbin of History by Maggie Jones, Brad Jones
CHAAPPAKUTHU by Ajaish Sudhakaran, Mahesh Manoharan
Chinese Weave by Regine Steenbock
Concetta by Geraldo Hinch
Creo by Alen Xhafa
DIVA Orchestra – Time in a bottle by Aurelien Durand
Don Matias Penaflor by Hernán Rocha
Endlight by Robert von Wroblewsky
Everlasting by Tommaso Barbieri
Fatih the Conqueror by Onur Yagiz
Fatman by Raffaele Patti
Garbage by Di Zhang
hannah by Loric Demander
Hunger strike against Ecocide by Kevin Rumley
Il Duello by William Delli Quadri
In the eyes of a child by Marco Ferrara
It Was Us by Robert dos Santos
ITER – the creative process by Luca Belmonte
KING DAVID by Bojan Cvetković
KODAMA by Dekang Liu
Let go of the prisoner by Baowei Guo
LILITH – In Disguise by Cristina Ruberto
Lullaby Backup by Anastasia Tota, Giulio Ceschia
Morendo by Brandon Hill
Nemetta by Jean-Thomas DELSOL
Nxdia – What’s It Like? by Miroslav Kiss
Oppenheimer After Trinity by Trent J. DiGiulio, Larry L. Sheffield
ORGASM by Edie Blanchard
Primum Non Nocere by Kevin Enhart
Project Iceman by Ammar Kandil
Recycling by Orwa Alahmad
Ruby by Katja Roberts
Runestone by Robert C Bruce
Sad Turtle Club by Brendan Void
Say What by Stephen Maddox
Shave Me From Myself by Jackson Schlekewey
Shirin Ebadi: Until We Are Free Dawn by Gifford Engle
Sleep Paralysis by Vincent Graf
Sorrowing Man by Jack James Ruefli
Stationheads by Stu Gamble
Sunset at the Sea by Jina Miao
Tatiana by Emma Onesti
Teresa by Vitaly Labutin
the blue sun by JUNPU HUANG
The Butterfly Effect by Jovi Maco
The Dancer by Qiongyuan Wu
THE DARK GIRL by Enrico Saller
The Dark, Debra by Dina Yanni
THE DEBT by Saurabh Arora
The Lady From Apartment 6 by Rodrigo Rendon
The Name by Renato Paone, Francesco Eramo Puoti
The New Hands by Brandon Scullion
The Star House by Ilaria Pezone
The Wait by Rik Langan
Tian Hei Hei by Jina Miao
TRACES, Voices of the Second Generation by Isaac Brown, Ana Paula Habib
Unhealthy Origin by Claudiu Cristian Prisecaru
Verso Casa by Giulia Casagrande
Whether they are by Igori Nazarco, Helena Cleofe Finati
You’re It by Jonathan Heap
Your skin is the galaxy by Jose Domingo



Abraham van Helsing and the hunt for Jack the Ripper by Gary M Raskin
Another Christmas Movie by Wayne D Burdette Jr, Christan Van Slyke
Changing for Love by Wayne Burdette, Christan Van Slyke
Demon’s Promise by Edward Gusts
In Between Two Flags by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Injured by Megan Mazer
Meta-boys by Davide Mazza
Onus Probandi by Chris Beadnell
Play, Rewind, Play it Again by Soroush Hosseini
Quarantine in the Grand Hotel by Tom Vecchio
Reality in Revolt by Michelle Sabato
Saint Thomas by Perris Cavalier
SMORGASBORD by Roshan Hill
Take Me As I Am by Conrad Pollock
Tales from Le Prince Bar by David Juarez
The Best Man’s Wife by Rob McNeil
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Steven Howard
The Method by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Who They? by A Lane Fox