13:33 by Salvatore Pugliano
A Beautiful Breakup by Ajithvasan Uggina
A Contact by K. Sarkyte
A Day Will Come by Nicolas Cazalé
A Masterpiece by Madina Ismailova
Again And Again by Galenus Zhou
Aifort Sorcery Academy by Yi-Zhen Zhang
Almost Blue by Fei Huang
Artistic Character by Vasily Chuprina
Au79 by Rafael Hovhannisyan
Black Tide by Andres Posse and Stephanie Bates
Bosnian Broadway by Jasmina Beširević
Candle by Heng-Chun Ye
Censor of Dreams by Leo Berne and Raphaël Rodriguez
Daddy Look! by Chin-Yuan EE
Daily Bread by Manuel Sirgo
Dead Bride by Francesco Picone
Desire Trap by Zhen-Rong Chen
Despair by Ya Chen
Dr. Antonio by Tigran Sargsyan
E poi arriva Menny by Andrea Traina
Eevy Ivy Over by Adam Davis
Generally Not #3 by Julian van Grey
Giraffe by Dan Nicholls
Gods by Kipp Howard
Here at Sunset by Panwa Sutthinon and Kanpitcha Prasertsak
Infernal Nebula by Michael Sefton
Inside by Kirsten Livie
It’s Going to Be Okay by Clara Kokseby
It’s No Secret – Part 1 by Paul Summerlin and Diana Michelle
Jake Frost – Undercover by Razieme Iborra
Jon Vinyl – Always by Alimzhan Sabir
Jon Vinyl – Told You by Alimzhan Sabir
Just Smile by Leonardo Rosalba
Kala by Carlo Falconetti
Leo Wang – Experience That by Cheng Kai Kao
Life on the Fast Track by Yeonsu Shin
Malleus Maleficarum: Witches and Sorcerers on Trial in the Comungrande of Mesolcina by Markus Otz
Mamzool – Tzila Izim by Alon Kolpanitzky
Medicine by Dominic Power
Meek, Oh Why? – Night Sky by Bartosz Szpak and Helena Ganjalyan
Moth by Jiaze Li
Mother of Apostles by Zaza Buadze
My Lockdown Stash by Zaki Solosho
My Stupid Tribute Band by Michael Mroz
Nisha Catron – Cosmic Storm by Tane Mc Clure and Sandra Stenzel
No Girls In The Dojo by Alps Lifee
No, thanks by Lou Augey
One Of Us by Adrian Burt
Pessoas by Arturo Dueñas Herrero
Punch Line by Becky Cheatle
Rising Heartbeats by Iris Gaeta
San Gabriel Valley by Dante Jiayu Liu
Scum by Jia-Sin Wu
Sea Light by John Doe
Seek by Nicole Panashe
Seize the Moment by Yu-Wen Jiang and You-Yun Lee
Shashthi by Jude Peter Damian
Shelter by Ron Chapman
Shore by Yvonne Zhang
Sliced Bread by Gulliver Moore
Solitaire by Paola Bernardini and Wayland Bell
Sorry, I was sleeping by Daniel Noblom
Spanish Olive Grove by Francisco Javier Fernández Bordonada
Spiritual Revolution People by David Petrosino
Stop the Bus by David Trujillo
Strictly Bathroom by Yin Fu
Substereo – Raindrops by Chris Angel Walker
Suit & Bone by Dulani Wilson
Sunflower by Mingjie Tang
Tennyson – Feelwitchu by Alimzhan Sabir
The American Benefactor by Tom Bentey
The Beautiful Youth by Raffaella Verga
The Burrow by Anthony Palumbo
The Cafone by Tom Bentey
The Dinner by Marco Lawson
The Empire of Butterflies by Viktor Bernard
The Ever Hours by Ella Vance
The First Look by Jacopo Manzari
The Fronts of War by Thomas Gardner
The House of Amygdala by Reid Sanders
The Internal Void of a Damaged Mind by Christian Søgaard
The Pomak Healer by Ignazio Mascia
The Prison of Zarqa by Ian Cardinali
The Sea and the Waves by Samuel Fernández Quintana
The Shivering Tale by Mason Aks
The Somnambulist by Jeremy Strohm
The Vespertine by Yu Yin
The Way by Dastan Khalili
The Wealthiest Man in the World by Josiah Johnson
Then we met by Xiang-Hui Wang, Hsiang-Yun Lien and Wen-Xin Shih
Tide by Cne-Wei Lin
Til Morning by Ana Moioli and Ryan Cairns
Valdís by Aidan J Crowley
Variation by Yu-Hui Guo
Vekigu by Piergiorgio Salciarini and Michele Manuali
Voice of The Great by Razmik Grigoryan
Voice On by Huan-Rui Long and Zi-Wei Liu
Without a Promise by Tati Baramia
Wrinkles by Carolina Isaura García Garibay



A Girl, A Beer and a Cigarette by John Arnau
Behind the Reel by Novella Bex
Dear Eszter by Alex Balassa, Marisol Mijares, Alejandro Orozco, Mario Pacheco Szekely
Exit by Davide Mazza
Kat Killed My Cat by Javier Navarrete
Love According To Eros by Sammy Kistell
Portales by Patricia (Tish) Miller, Michael L Miller
Rage and circumstance by Novella Bex
Refuge by Dario Rigliaco
Street Soldiers by Marc Castaldo
The Back Room Game by Sebastien Basset
The Fool | A Villain’s Story by Mason Aksamit
The Lonely Feeling of Being Alone by Aggi Dilimanto
Two Strippers and a Salesman by John Arnau
Yanko The Gypsy by Anžy Heidrun Holderbach