10 days of Nakota by Wahbi Zarry
22 KM by Vera Viktorovna Kuznetsova
A Ferryman by Pablo Poletti
Andante ma non troppo by Gaetano Corbo
Anhedonia by Fabrizio Pesaro
Aphasie by Dominik Balkow
Bansa 7aly by Luis Villanueva, Anton Esteban
BORDERLINE by Théo Coudiere
BROKEN FINGER by Xinzhen (April) Yang
Buen Camino – The Ash of stars by SEBASTIAN JUSZCZYK
Canon – Knocked Out by Michael S.U. Hudson
Cash on delivery by Udara Buddika Wijesinghe
Cassino Then and Now by Paolo Ameli
Chengzi1 by Zongsheng Fu
DUST by PAOLO Carboni
Echographies of the Invisible by Moonis Ahmad Ahmad Shah
Eternal Playground by Joseph Rozé, Pablo Cotten
Foretoken – Omen Of The Outsiders by Tamas Levardi
Go(o)d things come in two by Antonio Esposito
Going the Distance by Mick Bongiovi
Grow in the Wild by Xi Wen
How to Handle the Wolf by Jitse de Graaf, Martijn Kramer
I Matter by Chris Sato, Peter Lambrinatos
INNER by Valentina Kamenova
Kade by Garrett Glassell
Kolahalam (The Commotion) by Rasheed Parambil
L’INCONTRO by Erik Montalbano
L+T by Nevena Nikolova
LIKES by Shuyue Su
Lo Sguardo (The Look) by Edoardo Ulivelli
Maniac by Carlo Alvarez
Marqueetown by Joseph Beyer, Jordan Anderson
Meet The Local Hero – Glenn Johnstone by Dragos Teglas
Memoirs of Métiers – The cradle of tales by Krisztián Egry
Missing (DESAPARECIDA) by Anahi G. Luna
Not funny evening by Yana Riahi
One Heart Two Colors / Un Cuore Due Colori by Marco Maraniello
Our Snowstorm by Chunzi Wang
Rumore by Alex Romanello
Scarlet by Govind Chandran
She is still waiting for an apology by Xiaoxin Hong
Simple Song by Dan Ramm
“Slab, You Can Bet!” by Renata Freire
Sky is the limit by Sheng Liu
Sunrise Boulevard by Mike Montagna
The Art of Weightlessness by Moshe Mahler
The Old Man In The Rocking Chair by Eric Yoder
The Tale of Two Cruel Rulers by Anastasia Rykova
The Upsetting Frog by Iacopo Fontanella
Thirteen by Viktoria Windhab
To The Zero Line by Benjamin I. Goldhagen
Where the Cattle Laid by Wanting Huang
WOLFPACK by Cédric Peyster – Le Roux
导演楚茗 by Chuming Xiang



Bitter Epilogue of a Puppet by Gian Marco Russo, Epicuro Perrucci
Brothers of Babylon by Gabriel Womack
Exodus by Alex De Luca, Carl Staples
Frontiers at the Edge of Existence by Kaveh Jalinous
Il sentiero sulla laguna by Roberto Pareschi
Kollegiate Kareers by Brenden R Torres
La strada segnata by Michele Iovine
MONKEY by Cameron Ryan Soedi
Sin by Ryan Avery
Tangled Tails by Oleg Aurel Condrea
The Immortal by Graziano Quaglini
THE TRIP by Carlos Alex Ceni
Three Pretty Girls by Michael J Dunker
Ti Amo, Mr. Nibbles by Govind Chandran