#Soffione by Fabio Salerno, Dario Lucky
Along Came Ruby by Riccardo Suriano
ARAVALI – A Quest For Survival by Akshay Jain
Atrium “Warrior in the Garden” (Official Music Video) by Thomas Crane
Atypical Learning by Masina Taule’alo
Between The Ropes by Joseph Charafi
Blink of Heart by Mark Ma
Bonsai Whisperer by Cameron Kashani
Broken by Olivia N’Ganga, Mikaël Dinic
BURNING RAGE by Sam Yazdanpanna
Chère Catherine by Louis Lafont
COMMONHEART. From a childish mind. by Arild Remmereit
CrabDance by Zilong Wang
Dalinor Lake by Heqian Tan
Dead Red Kite by Finn Morgan-Roberts
Dear Rodger by Tessa Cleave
Decaf & Cigarettes by Riccardo Romano
Desperately Seeking Sikh (Poster) by Kelly Goldstein
DISCONNECT by Simeon Lumgair, Elena Zacharaki
Dreaming Island by Seonjae Gwak
Evocator by Francesco Massimiliano Gozzo
Fallen cherries by Rong Duo 里
Flowers bloom and wait for the groom to come by Zhong Hu
Gakyu by Mai Chouga
Her Last Day by Jiacheng Wang
Home by Binzhi Zhang
hoplove – a journey through the hop year at Lake Constance by Sebastian Bauer
i 2 aye by Richard Philpott
I Walk the Line by Paul Griffin
In The Shadows of War by Jake Alexander Williams
JUDA by Gregoire Delesalle
LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI by Nikolay Bogomilov
Le Gris by Andrea Causapruna
Let Me by Francesco Dattilo
Loteria by Ali Atshani
Lucid by Nick ter Beek
Marie by Moris Zingman
Mei Mei by Daniel Jiaxuan Huang
Mental by Antonio Jefferson, John Stansfield
Monkey Eden Now by Lenore Rinder
Newman by Nitsan Hana Coen
Night Song Of A Wondering Cowboy by Andrea De Fusco
Obsession by Karl Jonatan Karits
Oi by Reinhard Koller-Astleithner
Online by Bianka Bereczky
OSTRICH by Andrei Kiselev
Oxigen by Vitaly Lazo, Olga Borodina
Pitchfork Man by William Stancik
Pollo Loco by Derek Bauder
Pomegranate by Weam Namou
Qualunque Uomo by Massimo Centola
SCORPION by Krstover Luaay
Screen by Yusuf Kerem Tokgöz
see the sea in the subway by Warren He
Sinbaram by Taeyoung CHOI
SirCooly’s Dank Trip by Nolan Schmidt
Soultribe by Stefan Rainer
Street Dead by Yishuo Dong
Study for Clouds by Jyrgen Ueberschär
Subversion by Fernando Doménech Miró
The Blood Crown by Federico Cesaroni
The Burden of Guilt by Lilton Stewart III
The Club by Raimondo Franzoni
The Great American Family by Weam Namou
The Guapos – Nunca Te Quise by Charlotte Kemp Muhl
The Kill by Alexandrine Khoury
The Landvaettir by Liam Arnold van den Berk
The Mighty Mantaur by Faustus McGreeves
The Psychiatrist by Christoffer Hammarlöf
The Shepherd by Ilya Plyusnin
The Swedish speaking migrants of Paris by Emilio Andreas Di Stefano
The Veteran by Antonio Bernard Jefferson
Trailer: Martinez, Margaritas and Murder! Trailer cut by Kirk Demorest by James Helsing, Kirk Demorest
Two Lost Brothers by Stanley Wah-Hong Leung
Weavers of Patan by KIRAN KESAV
Wings of an Angel – Mother’s Love by Lei Tian
With Love L. by Max Fritzsching, Chari Krause
Zadig/ Človek by Andrea Pátková, Adam Čurko, Viktoria Voržáčková



Any Casual Day by Aaron Marc Lumley
Avalon by Brian Whiteman
Cambio d’ aria by Rosa Simonetta
Cargo – Alpha Centauri by Line Rainville
Cutting Edge by Renee’ Galloway
METEOR by Line Rainville, Franco Pirrone
Ole King Coal by Josh Marion
One for Sorrow by Simeon Lumgair
Petti by Paul Dempsey
Quality by Jedediah Lee Parker
She’s Never Coming Back by Jesse Dorian
The number 12 by Dario Olivi
The Wedding Countdown by Xinshu Cui, Zuyou Liu
You Can Call Me Angie by Kaye Gill