21 by Wenting Leung
A Circle in the Desert by David P. Crews
A portrait of the artist as an old woman by Alessandro Amico
Aki by Wanci Hua
America by Giacomo Abbruzzese
An Erotic Dream by Rémi Santolaria
Apples, Oranges, Lemons & Limes by Pat Mitchell
April at the End of the Month by Tim Disbrow
Bellingham’s Belief by Tom Salvaggio
Belong to Anat by Yuval Barnea
Beyond the Lake by Simon Constantine
Blanche by Twila LaBar
BLUE LEMON by Akhil Sachi
Border to Infinity by Herbert Gantner
Boys Will Be by Jake Moss
Brave From the great artist by Tiziana Bevilacqua, Gianni Quinto
Capo di Famiglia III by Dirk Gunther Mohr, Fabienne Leenart
City of Ghosts by Christian Elliott, Elle Ginter
Claire D. – Let me be in a dream by Mattia Bello
COMMEDIA by Riccardo Vannuccini
Confini by Piero De Luca, Massimiliano Aiello
Corner Mart by Nader Youssef
Devid by Maciej Kądziela
Disappared internet by Matteo Cirillo, Bonolis Bros
Distant by Lucca Joël Donalies
Faithful by Ciara Harrington
Focus by Stefano Bolognini, Matteo Favero
Follow by Piersaverio Pizzichemi
Guys by 锦城 张
Higher Place | Malevolence by Gabriel Fernández-Gil
Hive Mind by Zeke Hanson
House of the Unholy by Daniel Merlot
HUA (flowers) by Xueqing Yin
Hurt by Gavin Matthews, Sonia Forcada, Trey Jordan
Isleness by Vincenzo Totaro
Italiana by Diego Fiorani
Keep in the Dark by Carlo Armendariz
King Chess by Gloria Iseli
Knee by Lucas Neagu
La Lastra by Niccolò Donatini
Legend Of The Game by Dev Walker
Made By Immigrants by Carlo Gennarelli
MAGIAS by Michaela Zoidl
MAUTHAUSEN: When The War Is Over by Panagiotis Kountouras, Aristarchos Papadaniel
Missing You by George Leontakianakos
Ms. Davis’ Close Friend by Richard Schertzer
Murderer by Bofei Yang
NAHABED by Serouj Hovsepian
Night Journey by Fanny Cerdan
Opt by Paul Radu
Our Sense Of Humor by Rachel Navarro
Perceived Reality by Gijs Besseling
Psyche Obscura by Craig Oty
Road Trip Runaway by Jon Westling, Blake Corsaut
Rock Paper Scissors by Sadan Sohan, Abhay
Sanitizer by Boyang Li
SELFTALK by Dev Walker
Sem by Joke Duwaerts
Some Plastic Fishes by Niccolò Orlando
Stay With Me by Mikkel Palmbo Jeppesen
The bath by Anissa Daoud
The Dress Code by Rikard Westman
The Frog Leaps by Marzio Bartolucci
The Gulf by Kumru Karataş
The Master by Elisabetta Cancelli
The Missing and Murdered by Zeke Hanson
The Old Guitarist by Will Nunziata
The Painted Face by Lichen Guan
The Red Rose and the White Rose by Xuebing Feng
The strength of the crazy ones by Matteo Esposito
The Walk by Alessandro Derviso
To The Youngest Soul by Yining Cao
Tsutsué by Amartei Armar
Uhm by Léo Lebesgue
Unlike by Mila Safiye
Wake Up by Carlos Da Costa
Weekly Therapy for the Mental Health of Anti Wizards by Áron Siegler
Why being wrong, helps us be right. by Alan James Robertson
Wills by Ignacio Ferreyra
Yarik the Rascal by Yurii Pupirin



Abaddon: The King of the Locusts by Aric Andres Garcia
Artificial Womb Baby by Titania Galliher, Mariana Vily
Devil in the Dark by Michelle Dowlan
Don’t Pick Sides by Blair Julian Johnson
Escape by Cristian Xavier
Fight for your life by Daniela Cruz
Freedom Man by Billy Festorazzi
I AM CLOSE BY by Ruhi Sayyed
Independence Day Fiasco by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Launch by Dallas Gibson
Losing Patients by Cristian Xavier
Love Lies In The Needle by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Lucky Strike by Chris Fell
Paper Gloves by David Barbeschi
Reunion by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Rocketball by Alex C Glaros
Should Have Waited by Peter James Tyrrell
Stone Creatures by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
The Dragon of Locke by John M. Pluff
Tiny Little Pills by Duncan Payne
THE SKIN OF A DOG by Linda Fejzaj Jaupaj
Tolerance by Mairead deBlaca
When Rain Falls Down On Me by Letizia Arcaleni