APRIL 2023




Live To Farm by Jared Gagnon-Palick
Crossing Points by Joanna Izowska, Sandra Rychlicka-Cleeveley
Nice knowing youe by Andrej Srebrnjak
Goodbye, Hello by Omkar Phatak
Night Voices by Bradley Hawkins
The Secret Life Of Jim by Emmet Kelly
Cyberdate by Tamas Szathmari
Cybershot by Keshavi Jaharia
Alec in WILDerland by Brian Gregory
One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addictionl by Tim Searfoss
Witnessed by Dominic Goodie
Rock and Roll HoneyPie by Cathie Boruch
The Lunatic by Kasia Damulewicz
Better Together by Justin Tang, Rishabh Trivedi
Beyond the Mountains by Linhu LEE
Pier Paolo dead and risen by Rocco Aanelli
Control by Giorgos Lourakis
Drago Rosso / Red Dragon by Vincenzo Tirittera
7 hours by Vittorio Amodeo, Gaia Cascella
Icaro by Andrea Moneta
Leave by Sonia Marconi
Triangle  by Zixuan Zhou
Intergalactia by Takumi Shiga
Coming Together by Bella Rinsky
The Intervale by Amanda Dow
The last party by Matteo Damiani
La Mia Italia by Jay Manari
O by Fabien Legeron
Solidified stairs by Xiao Liu
Osiris by Elliott Reeves
Unreachable Mountain by Shumao Wang, Zhefu Wang
What a Match by Björn Granberg Ahlmark
Imp  by Pietro Graffeo
The doll who went to the Moon by Riccardo Marendino
Feel the life by Hugo MEMPONTEIL
Diligitis by Luca Finato
Unseen by Kuldeep Cariappa
Caterpillar by Matt Bentley-Viney
Old People by Karam Singh
People in the Lotus Pond by Ruixuan Tong
Move on say the town walls by Prashanth Shetty
Wanton by Victor Dubyna
My Mind by Simon Klinkertz
Violence by Emil Engesnes Bråthen
JIN by Farrokh Tavakoli, Behrooz Mirzaeiyan
Sand and Dust by Tamoghna Dey
Sonder by Krishna Muthurangu
Hif by Daan Swinkels
Shaakuntalam by Gunasekhar Karri
Come soli by Elisa Cherchi
Marigold by Luis Perez Villegas
“Su Pissiafoi” by Luca Valdes
What Lies Beneath by Jaden Esse
Danger by Ned Stresen-Reuter
CopyKat by Gino delos Reyes
Matrioska by Alessio Ballestri
Maimulu by Andrea Vacca
Love Undone – Season 2 by Joseph Goncalves
Treatment by Sijing Yang
Wired by Peter Koevari
Tesla’s Medicine: The Universal Fluid by Robert William Connolly
The Secret History of Tardigrades in Early Soviet Cinema by Jeffrey Turboff
Once Upon A Midnight by Vicky Wanless
Hellriot by Frank Kollbi by Frank Kollbrunner
They Call Me Onion by Riccardo Baiocco, Giansalvo Pinocchio
The Sixth Finger by Jan Zebrowski
Rabbit by Zichen Lan
Last Respects by Andrew Hindle
LA DONNA DELLA BARENA by Alessandro Russo
L.I.F.E.: It’s Wonderful by Dathan Smith
Fear of Flying by Mykhailo Dolgin
Wonderfully Desolate by Pierre De Muelenaere
Entre Les Mots by Farid Ismaïl
Por Siempre by Tomás Roldán
Onze by Maurice Anne-Lise
En La Línea Del Horizonte by IÑaki Pinedo and Marcos Fernández Aldaco
Diyar Hisma by Fahd Fayz



Michelangelo and Me by Colleen Fuglaar
The Pickleball Killer by Jim Carroll
The 27th man by Bruno Campagna
The Rival by Pedro Maia
The Soldier and The Young by Jew Euxim and Valonzo Garcia
Yesterday and Tomorrow by Tom Allen
Columbo: Lightning Strikes Twice by Sebastien Basset
Iggy script by Anthony Francis Cuomo
Lobby Card Pilot: Some Fabulous Rhapsody by Tom Morgan
METEOR by Line Rainville, Franco Pirrone
Under the Rug by Michael Dunker
Heartbreak Under a Neon Streetlight by Jen McAuliffe
Beyond the love, Script by Domenico Mimmo and Fontanella
Clementine by Emily Hale
I Need a Light by Brandon Gates
Dante by Anthony Francis Cuomo
In Time by Francesca Brice-Martin
Dark Eyes by Karla S. Bryant
The Screening by Ryan Adolph
Carnegie’s Call by Ryan J Skinner