APRIL 2022




5 Points of View by Gerrit Löwenberger
A Dead Sea by Nahd Bashir
A Taste of Politics by Juan Hidalgo and Sandrine Mercier
Agrodolce by Alessandro Prato
Anacostia by Anthony Anderson
Angel on the Corner by Eleftherios Kostans
AstroVoyager – Mission SuperHabitable by Antoine Alonso
Breathe by Salvatore Vitiello
Breeze in the Sea by Jingtao Xu
Campos – Figlio del fiume by Erika Errante Baruffaldi
Can you hear me? by Duane Adamoli
Casanoir by John “JT” Schindler
Charaiveti by Bauddhayan Mukherji and Chandan Biswas
Clowning Around by Tabitha Wekerle
Digging Deeper by Teresa Duran
Empty Nest by Wei Zhang
Eraser by Marcello Fiorenzo Valerio
Ex-Fiancée – A Feast That Never Comes by Maria Juranic
Finding Vega by Joey Zhao
Flames by Matthew Manhire
Flowering Season by Zhang Hai
For I Am Dead by Patricia Delso Lucas
Funny You Should Say That by Rob Tode
Get’ Em Addicted by Chandler Blake Bradley
Going Through by Wolfram Brandhoff
Honorless by Carlos García-Espejo Sayago
Horn Sledge by Brian Gottschalk and Silvio Ketterer
Hot Summer by Simon Dupuis
I’m Home by Hsuan-Wei Wu
June by Dwayne Cameron
La Petit Brooklyn – Everything is explained by Olivier Simon
Lamb by Amina Kvarchiya
Lino Muoio – Dicitencello Boogie by Ari Takahashi
Lock Notes by Nicola Schito
Malakaya by Francis Luscianne Javier Gacer
Matcha Latte, law sama7te by Shamila Lengsfeld
Memento by Jethro Tai
Nobody’s Tale by Costantino Margiotta
Nose by İsmail Aksoy
Onrust by Lore Loyens
Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd by Aron Quadu
Onyx by Aguinaldo Flor
Passio Sanctae Felicitatis, or the value of freedom by Samuel Cimma
Promises by James Naleski
Rabbit Girl by Dan McPeake
Rachel De Neverland by Yuanhao Zhang
Raine by Frey Dagne
Ratavoloira by Giulio Maria Cavallini
Refugees (Living victims) by Deluxion Mohan
Revenge Day by Ken
Siermond and Levi Facchin – To exist by Marina Fastoso
Sinclair by Teresa Duran
Snake by Miroslav Kiss and James Longman
Star-Crossed by Rita Chen
Tape by Arnaud De Grandry and Anne-Sophie Soldaini
Terrona Publisher by Antonio Esposito
The Angel In The Globe by Hsuan-Wei Wu
The Birth by Xupeng Feng
The Collector by Jason Ó Fionnáin
The Conversations: Isaac Thomson and the Art of the Musician by Antonio Amodeo
The Guitar Thief by Miguel Lepe Jr
The House by Myles Ross
The Matrix tell us by Caesar Nie
The Other Side of the Coin by Luis Moya
The Others by Like Xu
The Rasmus – Jezebel by Jesse Haaja
The Red String: Capulet’s Orchard by Julio Urdaneta
The Revile by Emre Ergenç
The time of the frogs by Tommaso Iaquinta
The Winter Solstice by Xupeng Feng
There is Enough Metaphysics in Thinking About Nothing by Paola Fillippi
Tiger by Lyly Thao Hoang
To bridge or not to bridge by Dee Hood
Universe Memory by Mu-Ming Tsai
Vaarasa by Manoj Naiksatam
Venise Doesn’t Exist by Ana Girardot
While(Alive){} by Cody Cameron-Brown and Ziggy O’Reilly



A Legendary Journey by Deborah Blouet
A Trip with Dave by Jeremy Ferguson
American Nostalgia by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Baby, You Can Drive My Car by Karla S. Bryant
Blackbird by Pedro Maia Lopes
Cassie by Elisabetta Salvan
Dear Agony by Xandar
Dust and Fog by Daniel Corey
Eden Rising by Todd E Wise
Frame My Mind by Xandar
Katerina by Loredana Gibilaro
La Faldama by Olivia Loccisano
Night Shift by Peter Salisbury
Succubus by Rob McNeil
Sushitzu by Isaac Ballesteros Barba
The Angario Project by Michael Dunker
The fantasy by Lorenzo Carapezzi
Where It Always Rains by Sophie Carleton