«NonNonNon – Mada Mada feat. Orlanda (Director’s Cut)» by Alexandre Richard

«NonNonNon – Mada Mada feat. Orlanda (Director’s Cut)» by Alexandre Richard

Frightened by the prospect of an entire life immersed in darkness, a young man chooses to undergo an operation with an uncertain outcome in hopes of preserving his sight.
Blindfolded and forced to rest, disturbing images begin to flow behind his eyelids, bringing him to the brink of a nightmare worse than blindness.

The video clip for “NonNonNon,” Mada Mada’s single featuring Orlan, taken from her latest album (Catastrophe) and directed by Alexandre Richard, is not just a music video, but an ambitious narrative that plays between the strong visual impact of each frame and an unfettered exploration of the intricate relationship between the human psyche and the reality that surrounds it.

The protagonist, the song and music video performer, seems trapped in an endless nightmare, in a continuous crescendo that takes him from dark foreboding to disintegration.
Through a series of visually captivating and emotionally charged dream sequences, the video captures the essence of inner turmoil and the pain of physical and psychological loss of the sense of sight.

Richard’s unique style – a blend of surrealism, magic realism, and expressionism – transforms the music video into a cinematic experience, blurring the boundaries between reality and the surreal corridors of the human mind.

The use of strong contrasts, shadow play, and ethereal lighting increases the emotional gravity of each scene, making the viewer not just a spectator but a fellow traveler through the twists and turns of the narrative. The fragmentation of surfaces like mirrors and lenses becomes a metaphor and a signal of the protagonist’s loss of reference points and identity with the words of the song, which specifies how he can no longer “believe that what’s left belongs to me.”

Leitmotifs, foreshadowing, and the use of expressionist inspirational sound enrich the narrative and anchor the viewer’s journey through the protagonist’s subconscious.
Emphasizing the artistic expression of the piece through dreaming, this video continually seeks and sustains the viewer’s emotional response, and challenges him to confront his fears and contemplate the deep themes of loss and recovery.