«4.0 The last question» by Juan Pablo Bornio

«4.0 The last question» by Juan Pablo Bornio

In the ruins of a world devastated by an apocalypse of AI robots, director Juan Pablo Bornio sets a chilling story of survival and social critique in ‘4.0 The Last Question’.

Making the most of every moment of the total five-minute runtime, shot in an impactful one-take, Bornio creates a suspenseful narrative that keeps the audience in suspense. The film delves into the most tragic consequences of the use of artificial intelligence and robots, using the framework of a dystopian thriller, and casting a critical light on the current unconscionable exploitation of these technologies for profit. Bornio’s acute social criticism is evident when he highlights the ethical implications of uncontrolled technological progress and the terrible repercussions it can have on humanity.

One of the last survivors, who finds herself in a dangerous situation inside the stronghold, becomes a symbol of resistance against the oppressive forces, having her words as her only weapon. The tension builds as the protagonist carefully formulates her question, fully aware that the consequences of her words could be catastrophic. The suspense is palpable, and viewers are left contemplating the delicate balance between humanity and the unchecked growth of artificial intelligence.

Bornio’s experience in the graphic and audiovisual arts shines through in ‘4.0 The Last Question’. As a self-taught filmmaker, his passion for storytelling is evident in every frame. The perfect fusion of his writing skills and artistry makes the ambitious premise of the short film possible, providing a unique and engaging cinematic offering.

“4.0 The Last Question” not only showcases Bornio’s talent as a director and screenwriter but also casts a light on the unethical use of AI and robots for profit. Through his storytelling prowess, Bornio challenges viewers to question the moral compass of our society and the responsibilities we bear in wielding advanced technologies.

As we eagerly anticipate his future endeavors, “4.0 The Last Question” is a poignant reminder of the potential dangers that lurk within the unchecked utilization of technology, urging us to contemplate the paths we choose and the impact they have on our collective future.