«Marie s’envole» by Léa Sassi

«Marie s’envole» by Léa Sassi

«The sun is never as beautiful as the day one sets out.»

It’s a quote for which writer Jean Giono is known, from his novel Les grands chemins, 1951. In the author’s poetics, the exaltation of nature and the psychological investigation of human nature coexist in the invitation to live in harmony with nature and in the exaltation of individualism and freedom.

It is therefore no coincidence that this author is in the hands of the protagonist of the film «Marie s’envole».

The talented director Léa Sassi takes us on a nostalgic journey to the summer of 1973 with this coming-of-age film that captures the discovery of desire in a sweet and light-hearted way.
Marie is a twenty-six-year-old French girl. She loves books, has a boyfriend, and a far-from-absent family.
A very normal life at the transition line between youth and adulthood, marked by the imminent delivery of her dissertation, dedicated to “Jean Giono’s mythical search for self”.
Under pressure, Marie decides to take refuge in solitude in her family’s country house to work on her thesis but is soon distracted by the sensual beauty of the surrounding nature.

During a party at the home of a couple of old friends, Marie’s destiny intersects with that of Jude, a charming, free-spirited young woman, carried by the wind of hitherto unknown possibilities of the 1970s. Skilfully capturing the essence of the era, the short film conveys to viewers a certain nostalgia for a world full of possibilities and liberation. The photography transports us to the picturesque countryside, where nature becomes a silent witness to Marie’s journey of self-discovery.
June Assal gives a mesmerizing performance in the role of Marie, perfectly embodying the character’s inner conflicts and desires, between boredom and desire for escape, allowing the audience to identify with her struggles and aspirations. Her chemistry with Antoinette Giret as Jude allows the authenticity and emotional depth necessary for this story. “Marie s’envole” beautifully captures the essence of self-seeking and the transformative power of unexpected encounters. With its compelling performances, exquisite cinematography, and deeply resonant storytelling, this film is a must-see for cinephiles looking for a meaningful and emotionally rewarding experience. Sassi’s direction is complemented by a rich and evocative screenplay that balances moments of introspection with levity, resulting in a story that engages both the heart and the mind. The film’s rhythm allows the narrative to unfold gradually, drawing the audience deep into Marie’s world and leaving us eager to discover where her journey will lead.

In short, a poetic and introspective exploration of personal growth, beautifully brought to life through captivating performances and a visually stunning depiction of 1970s France. Prepare to be moved and inspired by this debut.