«The Outliers» by Tommaso Ghilotti

«The Outliers» by Tommaso Ghilotti

In a world where human bonds are as fragile as they are essential, THE OUTLIERS is a poignant reminder of the power of a belief, the poetry of loneliness and the search for authentic human connection.
Director Tommaso Ghilotti, whose film is a graduation project, has learned his lessons from Tarkovsky and Marker, creating a cinematic experience that chains the audience to a necessary reflection on the depth and beauty of the transience of human life.

Set in a future where the world’s once vibrant flora has fallen into a perpetual state of petrification, THE OUTLIERS paints a mesmerizing picture of a desolate Earth. While 90 percent of the world’s population seeks refuge on Arret, an exoplanet reminiscent of our own, the remaining 10 percent-the rebellious outliers-choose to remain, embracing their solitude as a powerful statement of their individuality.

The heart of the film is Demetrius, played with raw emotion and vulnerability by the talented Athos Leonardi. Growing up during the pre-apocalyptic era, Demetrio finds himself disillusioned and alone in a world on the brink of its own demise.

Hypnotic and full of food for thought, THE OUTLIERS combines an austere and dramatic interpretation of the dystopian strand with the philosophical genre. Emblematically, in a dying land, a message of hope is entrusted to a woman from an alter mundus, the character of Aleta, given to the young actress Miriam Mohsni, who will lead Demetrius to finally confront his own beliefs. Through the metaphor of a path to salvation, the film explores themes such as loneliness, human connection and resilience of spirit, pushing the boundaries of genre storytelling.

The backdrop is an evocative atmosphere of petrified landscapes juxtaposed with moments of intimate human connection, evoking a sense of melancholic beauty that lingers long after the film ends.

Tommaso Ghilotti’s directorial vision shines in every frame of “THE OUTLIERS,” as he expertly navigates the delicate balance between introspection and contemplation that aims to leave a lasting impact on the audience.