«Blub Blub» by Eddie Yukun Long

«Blub Blub» by Eddie Yukun Long

Inspired by true events in the life of young director and screenwriter Eddie Yukun Long, an emerging talent in the film world, “Blub Blub” is a realistic and touching ode to sisterly love, growing up, and the transformative power of a child’s unfiltered perspective.

Sarcastic 23-year-old Jodie (Josephine Chiang) is tasked with caring for her six-year-old sister Nina (Abigail Lopez) and the family’s goldfish while her parents are out of town for a funeral. Initially exasperated by her sister’s presence and focused on the existential dramas proper to adulthood, the protagonist slowly begins to appreciate the magic of childhood and her sister’s wide-open eyes on the world.

Eddie Yukun Long’s philosophical training is evident in this narrative, which demonstrates a deep understanding of human nature and interpersonal relationships. The film is a delicate blend of reality and fantasy, testifying to Long’s ability to take us on a compelling exploration of personal identity, fear, and feelings.

Behind the camera, the young filmmaker uses a narrative style that certainly draws from the indie mumblecore genre of the 2010s, while still managing to bring out a voice of her own that lends depth and richness to the nuanced depiction of interpersonal relationships and the human condition.

Get ready to dive into a world where goldfish can talk, spaceships can take you to Mars every night and an unexpected day of babysitting can dissolve existential doubts. “Blub Blub” by Eddie Yukun Long does this and is a testament to the power of imagination, the magic of childhood and the beauty of seeing the world through a different lens.