«Mr. Mimoto» by Govind Chandran

«Mr. Mimoto» by Govind Chandran

With the short film MR. MIMOTO, director Govind Chandran pulls off the not-so-easy feat of tackling an issue that is as pressing as it is difficult, that of racism, and doing so in an entertaining but far from superficial way.

Frankie and Darlene, two ambitious girls have been assigned by a shady boss to take a hostage and want to do what they can to prove themselves. But their victim, awakened after being kidnapped, denies being who they think she is, making the job much more difficult than expected. Chandran uses this device to bring to life a dark comedy of misunderstandings that highlights the cultural short-circuits of our time, between racism, political correctness, and the use of social media.

The surreal atmosphere, to which the set, created in the former residence of notorious publisher Robert Maxwell, Headington Hill Hall, contributes, and the sharp, hysterical dialogue condenses the contradictions in our historical moment into a few minutes.
Young actresses Kelsey Cooke and Noa Nikita Bleeker provide, with a dynamic performance coupled with intelligent direction, the perfect portrait of two Gen Z as disenchanted as they are determined to defend, in their own way, the values they believe in.

Chandran, British-born, Malaysian-raised, of Sri Lankan descent, known for his work and significant festival appearances, demonstrates his ability to deal delicately with complex issues. Every element of the film from the production design, to the color scheme, to the soundtrack, is a radical stylistic choice interspersed with cultural allusions that make the audience think and stimulate discussion. With a diverse cast and crew, including producer Olivia D’lima, and a predominantly female crew, MR. MIMOTO also smartly sends a message about inclusion and diversity in the film industry.

MR. MIMOTO is a witty invitation to reflect on prejudice and the often overlooked problem of cultural appropriation, forcing the audience to ask themselves questions: Who is really Mr. Mimoto? Am I a racist? Am I an asshole for laughing at something I will never go through?