«Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel» by Alex Kruz

«Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel» by Alex Kruz

Director Alex K. Rojas takes audiences on a cinematic journey into the unconscious with “Fallen: The Search for A Broken Angel.” This modern love letter weaves together themes of spirituality, destiny and the unbreakable bond between souls.

The film follows Sam Ares, an intriguing character played with depth and nuance, torn between his spiritual nature and his feminine tendencies. His dreams become a doorway to reveal the mysterious purpose that awaits him. Meanwhile, Kristina, a captivating artist with a taste for the practical, is haunted by visions of an unknown man. When their paths cross in the bustling streets of New York City, their bond becomes undeniable, even as they remain physically separated.

Kruz’s directorial vision shines through in every frame, capturing the essence of the characters’ emotional turmoil and their desire to find themselves. The author’s science studies, which a doctorate in Quantum Engineering, and recent fascinating discoveries on particle entanglement, as well as episodes from everyday life flow into the script.

“Fallen: The Search for A Broken Angel” is a testament to the power of love and the unyielding forces that guide our lives. The direction of Kruz, who also improvised as editor, narrator, singer, and score, is supported by the raw talent of his partner and producer, Ewa Pirog who, together with him, infused life and resources into bringing this film to life.

The director’s personal experiences lend a unique credibility to the exploration of twin flames and the changing world we inhabit. Despite the challenges faced by the filmmakers, including disability and limited resources, “Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel” triumphs as a testament to their resilience and determination. The film has already garnered several prestigious awards, a testament to its potential impact on audiences worldwide.

As the search for a world premiere home continues, it is clear that “Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel” is a cinematic gem waiting to be discovered.