An interview with Alex Kruz and Ewa Pirog, director and producer of “Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel”

Alex Kruz


«Cinema is transformative. Let me wear your skin for a little bit, let me see it from your point of view? Add your color and your story to my own. Keep me watching and maybe I’ll learn something, maybe I’ll be inspired to action. What else can do that? Maybe religion.»



Alex Kruz – Multi-dimensional Hybrid. Hispanic Origin. Indigenous (Quechua/Nahua/Maya). Warrior of the Mescalero Apache Tribe. No pronouns. Bi-Polar. Autistic. Military veteran with TBI Traumatic Brain Injury.

In his spare time outside of his 9 to 5 (scientific/engineering work), he chooses to help develop projects and finance several female directors to tell their stories. Some like “The Reading ” made the Academy Award shortlist in 2021. 

This is his step back into entertainment, with his first feature film which is based on his own twin flame experience and the questions they forced him to confront.

Ewa Pirog


«”Wisdom and Spirit of the universe! Thou soul, that art the eternity of thought, And giiv’st to forms and images a breath And everlasting motion”, William Wordworth. Definitely the idea of cinema to me is Art in Motion. »



Ewa Pirog is an artist at heart, with an emphasis on the heart. She has worked with severely disabled children since her teenage years, which led her to pursue a career in Special Education based in the U.S. When she was not working as a special educator she was volunteering as a leader on the Community Education Council along with her hands-on advocate work in several programs making life better for children and the elderly.


Alex, this is your first narrative feature film, but you have years of experience as an actor and developing audiovisual projects behind you. How did the choice of such a complex and controversial theme as “twin flames” for your debut mature?


Ha! Very simply because I did not choose, nor was it planned.


You think you’re prepared. You have a few projects under your belt, you have your nice 90 page feature film script ready – a minute per page, you plan for the unexpected as always, then it becomes a Lars von Trier movie where you reach a different sort of understanding than you expected – complete with cults, paranormal phenomena on the set, sneaking lodging, my main actor disappearing in another state, yadda, yadda, and Yeah, this came out of it. Total surprise. Like a newborn at a wedding.


It happened in a way that the story was writing itself closer and closer to completion even though we were shooting a completely different script. What came out with a few minor tweaks was the exploration of our own connection which is what was also happening behind the scenes. It’s funny when the lines get blurred.


While for you Ewa, as a director and producer, this was your first work experience in this field. Besides sharing your personal life with Alex, what convinced you to jump into this project? Was there something in particular that you wanted to take the opportunity to express?


I decided to jump into this project because it was a great opportunity to share with others what led us to this journey and to figure out what this connection is. It’s beautiful roses with big ass thorns. Everything is amplified and new. Also as Alex and I have completely different backgrounds and experience levels it didn’t seem to matter when it has to be it just is.



Both of you have mentioned that the film captures some of your personal experiences. Can you talk about how your real-life experiences influenced the characters of Sam and Kristina, and their journeys in the film?


I’m basically Sam, and Ewa is Kristina. Just like the characters we both were in those exact same locations we showed during the same time period we just never bumped into each other until 25+ years later. For example, that pizzeria in the movie. Ewa went to school near it and would be there every day before school, and I would go to the same pizzeria coming from out of state AFTER school and sit in the exact same spot as we see the characters do in the film. In 1993, I did an oil painting of myself in a couple 50 years in the future, and can now see it fits us to a T. Ewa drew the picture of the couple you see in the film in 2003 that resembles us at moment to the T as well.  Art and dreams were the unconscious bridge for our relationship through time and space similar to the characters in the film. In the next film we begin to see how different spiritual aspects and abilities are opened up, how past lives together weave into the present, and the purpose of such experiences.



 Alex, you mentioned the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for proof of quantum entanglement. How did you incorporate this scientific concept into a narrative about love and connection?


Having almost 30 years in technical, science, and engineering fields I primarily see the world through that lens, sometimes dabbling in art.  I have a doctorate in Quantum Engineering, with a letter of appreciation from the President of the United States for my work in combating Covid-19 through physics based solutions. So outside of experiments in non-locality, quantum teleportation (it’s more like Avengers and less like Back to the Future), and quantum cryptography, I had a pet program to prove out the physics based solution, where I was the first guinea pig to take the frequency based energetic vaccine made from physical COVID-19 strains. Who was going to immediately show signs of getting COVID-19 without going outside for days – Why Quantumly entangled Ewa of course! We tried to quantify it via blood and saliva samples and could see with the same solution applied to her – medically her symptoms were gone within 2 days versus the usual 11 days.


I swear I used to play with the connection to see if certain things would bother her while I was in a different location. It actually escapes the scientific protocol, because everytime we would try to standardize an experiment in nonlocality to make it repeatable, it would be haphazard, random, and act like wave-particle duality experiments – where it could be four different results -either, or, both, or none.


So to get to your original question, yes in 2022 the Nobel Prize was awarded for Quantum Entanglement. So for many years scientists failed at designing experiments to prove the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement, even great minds like Einstein, Hawkins, and others until these researcher’s series of ingenious experiments conclusively proved it. So if I fail in science, let me try in art (smiles).



The film touches on many current themes in a changing world and the growing signs, not always reassuring, of what is happening. What were the challenges of the process through which you brought these issues to light in “Fallen”?

As I say in the film “as within, so without” or the internal/external link. I think we internalize a lot of what we feel is going on in our environment, but vice versa we also manifest much of our internal environment into our reality.  We see this in examples of the principle exploited with PsyOps or media manipulation, when we watch the news, or we take our frustrations and heartache out on those around us. In this case I wanted to use it as a tool for expansion. As Miyamoto Musashi says in the “Book of Five Rings” – contagion is a force. Sleepiness can be passed on, yawning can be passed on, and so can sense of time. I try to incorporate these into my work through visuals, sound, frequencies, music, to pass on what I felt inside in some of these situations. It is jarring and unknown to the average viewer and you’ll see this in the reviews, to one person this could be the best love story to someone else it could be wtf? bloated, and they could focus on the technical, and say the worst thing to be in this film is a woman. To make a simple comparison would be like a David Lynch film, to one person it’s brilliant to another it’s wtf is this? I think he’s brilliant but I’m not into imitating, for me I have my own light which comes from my pains, from my experiences, from many lives I can recall and draw inspiration from, I want to share that and not reflect the light of another.

What do you hope audiences will take from the film in relation to these ideas?


I think everyone has a different reason for watching certain films, and pre-loads what they think a film will be like, and what the message they take from it will be. On this one as I did a lot of roles I didn’t have experience with (editor, narrator, singer, score, etc.) I’m going to be a wreck when it screens as I haven’t seen it on a big screen knowing I made this all happen with less than 2K USD. Ultimately message wise, my aim was to share our unconventional story with real experiences from our life as best I can convey them. Ewa says that the theme of things not being what they appear at first glance is what she would want the audience to get, but then that takes us deeper into how life is a web of interconnection. I feel the movie has a lot of little gems of life and spirituality sprinkled throughout it and what you take from it on different levels will vary based on where you are on your own journey. Some people have noticed how I incorporated light language in some of the frames with more loaded meanings along with a very subdued audio track of Enochian frequencies while others no matter how much they watch the same scene will never see those messages.

What are you currently working on?


Getting a World Premiere for this project, entertaining a few ideas for documentaries to get Ewa more experience with cinema so we can have a more balanced part in the next feature which is the second part of this story.