«Goad : The Rise» by Triple U

«Goad : The Rise» by Triple U

Love, brotherhood, and destiny are the ingredients of a layered and swirling work that bears the name: Goad: The Rise, and which will guide us through an intricate maze of truths and secrets.

From the visionary mind of talented young director Triple U, Goad: The Rise is a journey through dimensions, knowledge, and fate to discover a world of darkness, destruction, and ancient mythology hidden beneath the surface of everyday life. A 20-year-old student director with a decades-long passion for filmmaking, Triple U aims to give a contemporary voice to Tamil cinema, integrating it with lessons learned from the masters of American genre cinema. 

The story of Goad: The Rise revolves around two brothers who, despite their parallel lives, are thrust into a realm of divine interference after the death of one of them. As the other uncovers layers of wisdom, audiences will be captivated by the high-risk action, thrilling twists, and breathtaking visuals.

With a keen eye for detail and a style marked by strong contrast and vibrant colors, Triple U transports viewers to a fantasy world where the boundaries between reality and mythology blur. The film testifies to Triple U’s belief in the power of cinema as a force for positive change and influence on society’s mindset, conveying a powerful message that every life is connected to the universal and that a difficult trauma can be the opportunity of a lifetime to uncover hidden truths.

Putting to good use the apprenticeship from its previous short films, Triple U has taken the best elements of its past work and elevated them to new heights in Goad: The Rise, a compelling and all-encompassing experience albeit one suitable for various audiences.

Goad: The Rise conveys all the urgency of a young and passionate filmmaker grappling with a powerful and humane narrative, in a film that touches on the power of good and evil at work in the intricate maze of our lives, connected in one great destiny. For those with the courage to face the truth.