«Room 24» by Sjoerd de Bont

«Room 24» by Sjoerd de Bont

An investigator, a gruesome crime, a residence populated by sinister characters.

There are all the ingredients for a goosebump noir in Sjoerd de Bont’s latest work, Room 24, which additionally has a plot that from the outset eludes the viewer’s grasp, leading him into a veritable quagmire of clues, escapes, and twists and turns.

Instead, the dark and unsettling atmosphere is a constant throughout the film, in which we follow Detective David (Peter Post) called to investigate the death of a young woman, finding himself on a veritable descent into the darkest recesses of the human psyche.

The space inhabited by the characters in Room 24 becomes a metaphor for a psychic space, in which evil is a tangible entity that contaminates even a healthy element to the point of blurring the line between madness and reality.

The foretold consequences of this mad spiral will be more tragic than the gory beginning. An excellent piece of sharp and engaging thriller writing, perfect for lovers of the genre but not only.