An interview with Lee Zhongqin, director of “Pink Fireworks”

Lee Zhongqin


«Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness»



Lee Zhongqin,Young writer and director
In 2018, he published a mystery novel Ouroboros.
He is a self-learned director, graduated with a MFA major from Communication University of China. He has been working as a screenwriter till now, with experiences of screenwriting for multiple films and televisions.
He is the screenwriter of Henan TV Station programs “Chinese Solar Terms” and “Chinese Festivals”.


Art as a practice, and not just in the abstract, is very highlighted in Pink Fireworks. How important do you think art and creativity are in a person’s life?

I have always felt that art has meaning precisely as a kind of practice. Because we have to act to get it done, not just put it on the shelf, and then we will find hope of mediocre real life in this way.


«Pink Fireworks» interprets the theme of the difficulty of understanding between generations of parents and children. Do you think this film can raise awareness of this issue?


I wish it was possible to do. My experience in China is that in recent decades, we want to build a more equal family relationship. This equality is based on respecting each child and the elderly in the family as a complete individual. But in this process, most people will inevitably feel a little uncomfortable, which may make understanding more difficult. This is part of the inspiration for this film.



The elderly and lonely are numerous in China as in much of the Western world. How did you document yourself to describe the lives of these people in such detail?


My parents are retiring soon, and their life is probably like the protagonist in the short film. This is my motivation and reason for making this short film.



The films aesthetic is particularly refined and apt to portray the delicate and introspective soul of the protagonist. How did you arrive at this result?


I think this should be thanks to the real prototype of the protagonist in the film who inspired me. She is a part-time actress. I heard a lot of stories about her and my views on life. I wrote these insights into the script so that I have an appearance in the movie.



What are you currently working on?

Now I make a living as a screenwriter and write novels. In addition, I am writing a feature film script based on the story theme of “Pink Fireworks”, which will be filmed later.