«Hairy» by Maximillian Aguiar

«Hairy» by Maximillian Aguiar

A fun and irreverent coming-of-age novel of the kind that is dear to millennials, “Hairy” is the story of Tyler, who between self-pity, irony, and desperate attempts juggles first dates and last chances.

After the umpteenth sentimental disappointment, the protagonist, a rather maladjusted boy in search of love, of himself, of something in general, understands that he is the only one who can – and must – change his life. The consequences of this realization will bring upheaval to his person and his life.

Among oddball sidekicks and antagonists as in a modern, dark fairy tale, Tyler is the protagonist of a generational fresco between grotesque and tenderness, and the bittersweet voice that tells a fascinating group of misfits that thrives in a small American town shows how the director and screenwriter Aguiar is able to entertain us with class without censoring anything, but carefully observing a specific space-time in which universal precariousness resonates.

Filmed in a sophisticated black and white that entrusts all the nuances to the characters and their jokes, with an amateurish and sometimes crude touch, “Hairy” has all the credentials to be one of those niche independent American comedies, but authentic and hilarious.

And while it doesn’t presume to teach us anything, Tyler’s story finally offers us a less banal key to interpretation than it might seem: if you have nothing to lose, you should always try.