«Her Magnum Opus» by Marta Renzi

«Her Magnum Opus» by Marta Renzi

«Her Magnum Opus» by director Marta Renzi is an immersive and gorgeous ode to love and life in a community built around an energic, loving pillar.

During different seasons of the year an elderly dance teacher receives visits from devoted former students to her beautiful country house, where they dance, rest, love each other, in a rarefied, dreamy but full of life atmosphere. 

The large group of protagonists switches seamlessly from scenes of elaborated choreographies to scenes of everyday life, in a continuous exaltation through the movement of the human body, which has open and welcoming natural spaces as its stage.

The result is a celebration of the most intimate and radical part of a life dedicated to art, a boundless exploration of the possibilities of non-verbal human language.

Marta Renzi’s film documents, with an incredible mix of realism and poetry, the elusive magic of dance, and the sign of what resists the passage of time, reminding us that art never dies with the artist.