«La Carrozza dei Sogni» by Frances Sapphire

«La Carrozza dei Sogni» by Frances Sapphire

«La Carrozza dei Sogni» is an ensemble film, in which the personal stories of different characters intertwine against the backdrop of the pandemic. 

The crisis that affects our protagonists, modifying the dynamics of their daily lives, does not seem to prevent them from seeking happiness, love and personal satisfaction.

Director Frances Sapphire, whose narrative voice guides us without condemning or absolving what she shows us, stages characters who are real and solid, but also capable of dreaming, and above all of reacting to difficulties with the power of love and faith.

The real protagonist is Life itself with its ups and downs, in continuous movement like a natural current in which we float crossed by pain but also by the desire for peace and happiness.

Rhapsodic in form and with a storyline full of inventiveness, but always anchored to reality, «La Carrozza dei Sogni» is a manifesto for hope in difficult times.