An interview with CLEMENT PAPILLON, director of “Little Boy”

An interview with CLEMENT PAPILLON, director of “Little Boy”

Clément Papillon


“For me cinema is an art in its own right. It is an art which aims to be demonstrative and we can gather a lot of people through a pictorial message”



Clement Papillon born in 1997 at Lagny sur Marne (France) Director of 23 years old. He wrote and directed his film. He has always wanted to engage in the art of cinema to demonstrate the injustices of our world.


– Beyond the Mirror / Au Delà du Miroir -> 2016 / 1 award

– Alpha Oméga -> 2019 / 7 award

– Little Boy / Petit Garçon -> 2020



Your film is structured on an experimental stylistic choice, completely revolutionary.
Whenever you think of a story, there are a thousand ways to stage it. Why did you choose not to transform the story into a visual form but, rather, lyrical? 

Thank you already for this very nice question. I just think that the strength of the word and the strength of the emotions are things that affect people. Black and white are there to represent the light and shade of Clément Papillon’s life.



The text recited in the film is incredibly touching. What prompted you to write it?


I will surprise you this text was not written it does not exist on a piece of paper it was totally improvised on my part. And deep down I said to myself, my art is the only way to make a difference and to bring a message of love to people in this same situation.


Despite your young age, you already have a strong stylistic identity. What languages are you going to experiment in the future? Do you have more “conventional” projects or are you determined to surprise us again?


Thank you from the heart. I think I am an artist very committed to freedom, fraternity and I need to defend human rights through my films. It is only love and hope. I think I am determined to surprise you with my next film which is a metaphor for society.



Your film is a film full of hope and delicacy. Do you think that cinema can influence people to the point of helping them? Is this how your passion for cinema was born?


I totally agree that cinema, like all other forms of art, can help a person like music help me enormously in my life to be able to get by. Each artist has a true heart and fills with love and beautiful messages. My passion was born because when I was little I couldn’t hear and I didn’t speak and the only thing I did was write stories all day long and today this writing has become my strength.