“RES” by Marc Zammet

“RES” by Marc Zammet

One of the greatest powers of cinema is to represent hypothetical situations like they’re real, and to materialize different pathways of a character life by giving the spectator the feel they’re all equally possible and concrete.

In this short film “RES” by Marc Zammet, when a girl leaves jail she splits in two: one goes to one side where she meets a supportive woman, the other goes the other way alone. Through editing and music the short film shows how the life of the two doppelgangers develop, by putting in contrast a situation where the girl, alone and without a job, goes back to her own bad habits and fails again, and the other where, with the help of the support from a qualified staff, she gets her life back.

Technically, the film is very well done, with a nice cinematography, a good paced directing and a leading actress that has a very interesting look and appeal.

This makes the short film a hybrid between a very long ad and a short movie that works very well for its purposes. The short film also gives you a moral lesson: that people might be weak and that is ok, that the real strength in life is to look for help in others and to build a house, a living and a lifestyle together with people that love you.

We really think this short film can help people understand this principle, and help this organization fulfill its noble purpose.