“Ishtar Speaks” By Dena Ryane

“Ishtar Speaks” By Dena Ryane

It is interesting to see what happens when one of the most contemporary form of art – the digital short film – merges with the most ancient form of narration: mythology.

The result in this short called “Ishtar Speaks”, by Dena Ryane, is a very interesting combination of literary and filmic elements.

In our opinion the most valuable part of the film lies in its experimental filmic features. Cinematography relies on many visual solutions that create a language that is deeply connected to mythological roots, with fractals and kaleidoscopic images that creates a profound oriental feeling.

The mission the protagonist has been chosen to fulfill, revealed to her in a dream by a Babylonian goddess is accompanied by an interesting prop-making, set design and art direction that give the film a look that is a combination of different contaminations from distant cultures. Sound, visual effects and editing further contribute to this feeling of something bigger coming from the universe, driving the protagonist’s sexual desire.

Considered the ending – a grotesque twist – the short has a final tone that gives it a very experimental, unusual style, that is what makes it unique in its own way.