Finally we can announce this month’s award winners! This edition has been very exciting, with lots of beautiful films to choose from. It was very hard to decide among such excellent works what was the absolute best, but in the end we made our choice. Here is the list of the best above all the others:


BEST SHORT FILM  River Flows By by Yin Song
BEST FEATURE FILM  Sincerely, Brenda by Kenneth R. Nelson Jr.
BEST SHORT DOC  Red Glory by Marcelle Abela
BEST FEATURE DOC  Bill Evans: Time Remembered, by Bruce Spiegel
BEST ANIMATION FILM Grandma’s Pie by Ricardo San Emeterio and Camilo Castro
BEST WEB SERIES Grandma’s House by Malachi Johnson
BEST MUSIC VIDEO ODDKO – Disobey by Giovanni Bucci
BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY Twenty-Nineteen by Paul Zambrano
BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY Port Metro by Jackson Chow
BEST DIRECTOR River Flows By, Yin Song
BEST SCREENWRITER River Flows By by Yin Song, Hu Qinxuan and Lin Yusheng
BEST EDITING In the Shadow of an Oak. Alexander Linder
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER Sincerely, Brenda – Alex Gasparetto
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE Just Married – Ivan Urchenko and Olga Glazova
BEST LEADING ACTOR Sincerely, Brenda – Rico Bruce
BEST LEADING ACTRESS Julie – Magdalena Laubish
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR  Sincerely, Brenda – Sean-Vaughn
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Julie – Michaela Weingartner
BEST COSTUME DESIGNER Song of the Wanderer, Ge Jia

Congratulations to all the winners! You can pick up the official laurel here:

If you want a printable version of the diploma, pick it up here:

To every other nominee, congratulations for your beautiful work. We hope we will see you again when you shoot another movie!
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