“Another Yesterday” By Steven Heil

“Another Yesterday” By Steven Heil

At first approach, it is not easy to encapsulate “Another Yesterday” into a single genre. What begins as a drama movie unfolds in a multi-layered story that also presents an interesting and innovating mixture of different genres, from drama to coming-of-age to horror.

What striked us is that, even if the film was shot on a relatively low budget being a feature, it was technically very well done. A clean cinematography, good editing and a straightforward direction make it a competitive film in the industry. The cast of young actors involved in the realization is made of actors that really showed their skills on screen.

Coming from a first time director, this film is overall very convincing and surprising: it starts out as a school drama, where the new guy has to meet new people, then developes as a love story tormented by a ghost came from an unknown past, then – as the plot reaches its climax – becomes a powerful metaphor on love and reconciliation.

As the writer David Foster Wallace said, “Every love story is a ghost story” and this quote is maybe the best one to describe this film, where relationship are intertwined with others rooting in the past and we start to perceive life as something deeper than the experience we are living in our current timeline.

A surprising movie for a young director that will surely grow to tell even more entertaining stories.