“Death Lay Here” By Richard Schertzer

“Death Lay Here” By Richard Schertzer

Approaching genre movies seems like an easy task, but dealing with all the clichés and all the literature and filmography about a certain genre may be dangerous, because it is very easy to do something predictable.

“Death Lay Here” By Richard Schertzer is a short from a very young and gifted director who showed us his own low-budget approach to an esoteric horror movie which script reminds us of H.P.Lovecraft horror/mystery structures.

It is a film made on a very tight budget so, of course, the technical side is suffering from the lack of resources. But it has some interesting script inventions, contaminating a classical horror structure with anthropological esoteric traditions, zombie movies and surrealism.

The idea behind the original score is also correct, and we would really be curious to hear what it would have been with an orchestra and a budget for recording. The leading actor plays a convincing role and he has the right appearance and likeness for a character of this kind.

We really think that, given his age, this director can bring some interesting innovation to this genre of films if he’s given the chance to direct a film with a proper production, budget and a team of people that support his ideas.