“Skin: The Movie” by Ronn Kilby

“Skin: The Movie” by Ronn Kilby

Some independent movies are films before they even start. When the only things that moves the production forward is the love for the idea and for the making of it, you usually end up seeing films that are full of heart.

“Skin: the movie” is a very interesting indie film that portraits the story of a weird midwestern woman that, without even having a clue about what was going to happen to her, inherits a porn production company from her deceased father she knew nothing about.

The film has a very ironic tone that makes it very funny from beginning to end. The series of gags involving the various taboos of the porn industry make the dialogues full of funny twists and put the characters in embarassing situations that develop an entertaining rhythm. What the characters that revolve around the protagonists don’t expect is her personality, that of a person that seems like she can adapt to anything, a person that is not moralist nor bigoted, up to the point that she starts writing porn like its just one of the things one should do for a job without blinking an eye.

The film is technically well done, with a soft low-contrast cinematography that follows the irony of the screenplay, a very clean and simple directing and a correct editing that gives the film the right pace. The leading actress was able to create a very interesting, weird and unpredictable character, while staying believable and while keeping a very hard voice and mimicry.

Like a lot of the indie films that we have watched this year, these low budget productions often turn up to be more interesting than high budget, industrial films, because they’re more spontaneous, full of ideas and full of twists that you could never expect from a predictable Hollywood movie, the only downside being an original score which is a little bit predictable and less interesting than the whole film.

We really had fun watching this gag comedy unfold in front of our screen.