“Meng Hua Lu” by Ty Brueilly

“Meng Hua Lu” by Ty Brueilly

Even if it was shot with a very low budget by a small crew, “Meng Hua Lu” by Ty Brueilly works like a symbolic representation of life seen as a series of events that form a long chain of dreamlike experiences.

The conscience of the spectator is hit by the feeling that every moment is haunted by some kind of inner, subconscious presence, that here is personified through the use of different characters that are entangled in a dance behind their masks.

Society and its activities, games, works and its frantic developement is rendered through a series of dissolves, edits, and image associations that are an invitation to plunge into the contradictions of the world.

Music and editing give this short rhythm and life, making it an entertaining visual experience.

We are looking forward to see a new work by Ty Brueilly, to see where his experimentations will lead him.