“Road Less Traveled” by Aric Iverson

“Road Less Traveled” by Aric Iverson

What digital cinema has made possible is a long list of stories that, coming from people who have no help or way to access funds fast, still try to stage their screenplays with no money.

In the case of this short film “Road Less Traveled”, even if it has some technical flaws – audio is not ok at all and cinematography is very amateurish and approximate – shows some values and some interesting ideas in some of the choices the crew and the director have made.

The casting and the choice of all the faces of the actors are good: the choice of the protagonist is very original and it is different from the usual clichés of these crime movies. Even the others have very convincing facial features that build a good acting atmosphere.

Even if we are held back from a low budget film quality, screenplay is pretty strong and makes this short a good, entertaining story that is a good starting point for this production. Some cuts and dissolves in the editing are not completely understandable and sometimes you feel that the rhythm is not flowing at an enjoyable pace, but we think that this depends a lot on the fact that we’re looking at a no budget film.

We sincerely hope that Aric Iverson will be able to gather funds for its next production and work with professionals that will help him stage his next film. We think that there’s some intuition behind this movie that has to be developed and supported.