“Dark Iron” by Jerzy Bojanowski

“Dark Iron” by Jerzy Bojanowski

Following the structure of a genre plot, “Dark Iron” is a micro-budget feature film that has some winning features, even if it has been shot with little or no budget.

Even if the technical aspects of the story suffer from the lack of budget, the plot and all the characters that revolve around it follow a structure that creates a very intense mystery and suspence.

The whole team of actors benefits from the overall good writing and the rhythm of the story is sustained by a pleasant editing and vibrant music.

It looks like that all the duties where the crew had the freedom to operate without the need of money or technical equipment were fulfilled with creativity and originality, while the other aspects – like cinematography and set design – still need a little bit of work even if the idea behind them is the right one.

Thanks to this mosaic of characters, plot, props and costumes, history of evil of mankind becomes a haunting ghost that operates like a puppeteer on people’s mind, repeating itself over and over.