Hall of Fame Rules

The Hall of Fame is Rome Prisma Film Awards ultimate achievement: filmmakers that have submitted multiple films and won many awards, remain in our history forever.  Rome Prisma Film Awards Hall of Fame © structure and format is copyrighted and thus cannot be copied into other festivals structure. Copying festivals will be prosecuted by law.

How points work

We give points based on the results in the competition.


  • A monthly nomination is worth 1 point
  • A monthly win is worth 3 points
  • An annual nomination is worth 6 points
  • An annual win is worth 10 points
  • The annual Best of Fest win is worth 15 points
Qualification requirements for films and filmmakers

In order for your films’ points to be counted for the first time, it needs to gather at least 5 points (1 win, 2 nominations including the one it won). Films that will gather less than 5 points will contribute to the filmmaker’s Hall of Fame calculation only if he already has a film that has surpassed 5 points. Only the top 50 highest scorers will appear in the hall of fame.

Qualification requirements for screenwriters

In order for screenwriters (feature and short) to be counted for the first time, they need to gather at least 4 points (nominated and then winning in the monthly editions). A screenwriter can write, submit and win with multiple scripts and each nominated script will contribute to the Hall of Fame only after he has won for the first time. Only the top 20 highest scorers will appear in the hall of fame.

Filmmakers points

A filmmaker takes points only for

  • Best film in its relative category (Short Film, Short Doc, Feature Doc, Feature Film, Web Series, Music Video, Experimental)
  • Best director award
  • Techical awards, if he has the credit for that award (e.g. if he did his own editing and wins Best Editing)

Filmmakers’ duos will count as one, but will contribute also to the profile of each of the director, in case he picks up points for another film.

Screenwriters points

A screenwriter takes points only for

  • Best script its relative category (Short Screenplay, Feature Screenplay, Tv Pilot)
  • Best Screenwriter if he wrote a script that has turned to a short film, has been submitted and has won the relative award. In order for these points to be calculated though, the screenwriter has to be in the Hall of Fame already.

A screenwriter can submit multiple scripts and gather points for each script.

Films points

A film takes points for every award and nomination it receives. However, only some of these nominations and awards contribute to the filmmakers leaderboard in the same category.

Awards and laurels

Every year in the annual edition we will give away awards and special laurels to the top 3 of each leaderboard.

Are you missing points?

You can contact us by mail at romeprismafilmawards@gmail.com . Remember to tell us your FilmFreeway submission’s tracking number in the mail and to link each of your awards and nominations. We’ll try to get back at you as fast as we can!